Mind Your P’s and Q’s – How to Maintain Your Reputation Online

It can take years to build your reputation but only minutes to destroy it. It’s imperative that as a business owner you do what it takes to maintain your good reputation. Thankfully, there are easy ways to ensure that you keep your good reputation online if you focus on it.

* Sensationalism Rules Online – Being an online business owner and part of the online business community is kind of like being in a reality show in some ways. Sensationalism and gossip seems to be the rule. But, if you realize this going in, you can avoid problems by not gossiping and always staying above the fray. Be honest, be yourself, and always seek to be helpful.

* Perception Is Reality – Until someone proves differently online, the perception people have of you is reality. Dr. Phil says this is the truth for everyone, online or not. How people perceive you is what’s real, so try to ensure that it’s as close to reality as possible so that it will be easy to maintain.

* Be Proactive – You can tell your story online by blogging, being part of online groups, and by being the one to tell your story. Tell your story every chance you get. When you are proactive with your story and information, that will be what people find when they search for information.

* Manage Security Issues – Set privacy settings on private social media; keep your information close to your vest so that no one can ever break into your private sources of information. This is because it can be used against you in a bad way to make you look bad.

* Stay on Top of Branding – The information that you put out about your company as far as branding is important. It’s the information your audience believes about you. Your branding is how your audience feels when they hear about you, and exemplifies what your business stands for.

* Establish Expertise – To really manage your online reputation, set out to show that you’re the expert in your niche. Become the “go to” person for that niche in a way that overwhelms the competition and firms up your reputation as a leader.

* Maintain Your Integrity – Always be honest. Even if you make a mistake, stand up and admit it, and publically always seek to show your reliability and that you are who you say you are. That perception is important.

* Nothing Ever Disappears Online – Remember that nothing ever disappears online. You can bury it with good information, but it’s better to accept it if something is there out that you don’t really want out there. Once it’s there work to bury it, but also work to embrace it and turn it into a positive.

The important point about maintaining your reputation is to always be the one to tell your story, and keep that story at the forefront of your online persona. In addition, you should seek to be who you really are and not put on a façade. After all, the truth will always rise to the top and you wouldn’t want to seem as if you’re trying to trick people by not being the real you.

Learn from Every Mistake to Avoid Repeating It

One of the most important things you can do is to learn from not only your mistakes but also other people’s mistakes. That’s why they say that in business that you shouldn’t seek to always reinvent the wheel but instead to improve upon it. There is no reason why you can’t learn from those who went before you, and then add to it to make it better. Repeating mistakes is what can hold you back from success, so that’s why it’s very important to learn from every mistake and avoid repeating them.

* Seek Acceptance – Remember that mistakes are important components of success, so first you need to accept that you have to make mistakes to experience success. Mistakes are just part of your journey and you will make them. If you accept that they’re part of your journey, it will make experiencing mistakes easier to learn from.

* Forgive Yourself Your Mistakes – As you move through life, one of the biggest problems that happen from mistakes is the inability to forgive yourself. Everyone on earth makes mistakes and if you’re one of the people who are trying new things and to start a business going out of your comfort zone, you’re going to make even more mistakes. It’s okay; forgive yourself.

* Analyze What You Could Have Done Differently – When a mistake is made, it’s important to look at the entire situation to figure out what you could have done differently. Look back at different junctures where you had a choice. With hindsight you can now see more clearly what might have worked better and why. Don’t beat yourself up; just acknowledge this fact.

* Ask Others for Their Opinion about the Situation – There are experts that you can ask for opinions, such as life coaches or business coaches as well as your community. Share your store and ask for opinions. Don’t worry about criticisms because that’s going to help you in the long run. The important thing is to learn from what people say and toss out the rest.

* Learn Your Limits – When you make a mistake you’ll learn more about your limits, and usually you can go so much farther than you think you can go. You’ll expand where you can go and what you can do by pushing your limits.

* Reveal Factors We May Have Missed – When mistakes happen, there is a huge opportunity to realize things that you didn’t know at the time. For example, you might learn that you’re weak on a certain skill and need to bone up, or you might learn that you’re really good at something too.

* How to Recognize Opportunities – If you never take chances which mean you might make a mistake, you may miss great opportunities. And actually making a mistake may reveal even more opportunities than having a success.

* Congratulate Yourself – The honest truth is, if you’ve made a mistake that means you’ve gone out of your comfort zone and pushed yourself and taken a risk. You should congratulate yourself for your fortitude and then move on.

Mistakes are part of success and without mistakes no one would ever learn anything. There is a belief that is borne out by experience that real growth comes from learning from mistakes because once you make one, if you learn from the lesson you can go a lot farther than you may have ever thought.

How to… Manage and Lead as a Female Entrepreneur

Some of the world’s top politicians have been, and are women. Through their strengths as decision makers and negotiator’s they have proven to be top at their game and more than able opponents to their male counterparts.

Today,  more women are starting businesses than men, and studies are showing that female-led businesses are more successful than male-led organizations. It’s not certain why this is true, but there are some theories. One of these is that women need to continue to embrace their feminine side once they have figured out… how to manage and lead as a female entrepreneur.

business womanHere are some tips on how to succeed as a female entrepreneur.

* Do Not Ask Permission – One thing women need to stop doing is asking permission to succeed, either from their husband or other men. You can succeed on your own without their permission. Remember that throughout history women have been leaders, and successful too. It’s only due to outside pressures that women have a history of giving up their power. Stop asking for permission and take what is your right.

* Throw Out the Rule Book – Honestly, there never really was a rule book. It’s just that you’ve probably used someone else’s rule book to live your life by. Of course, you want to be kind, generous, and helpful to others, but none of those rules prevent you from running a hugely successful female-run organization.

* Think Outside the Box – Women can be successful in all types of businesses, including technical or so-called traditional business models such as crafts and makeup. There isn’t any business that either a man or woman can’t start and lead to success.

* Know That Women Are Technical – The first coders were women; that’s a fact. Women are also natural mathematicians. It’s only outside influences that have taken that ability away from women by eroding their belief in themselves. You can take all that back by learning about history and realizing that women are just as capable as men.

* Take Your Power Back – If you’ve lost your power due to the way you’ve lived your life up until this day, or due to some bad luck such as losing a loved one or becoming a single parent, realize that you can take your power and control back right now. Accept that you’re just as capable as the next person to be successful, lead and manage a business as a female. There is nothing innate about women that makes them less capable from men.

* Over Deliver Every Single Time – It is true that there are perceptions you’ll have to overcome in business as a woman, which makes it even more imperative that you seek to over deliver to your customers every single time. As you show what you can do, people will start trusting you and believing in you – no matter in which field you ultimately choose to start your business.

* Success Breeds Success – Each time you experience success it leads to your next success. Embrace your success, thank those who have helped you achieve it, and also thank yourself. Realize that you are in charge of your future more than anyone else, and that your choices and ideas are what are creating the success.

* The Rules of the Past Are Gone – While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you do need to let go of any rules and limiting beliefs that will hold you back in your entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills. Embrace your abilities, and keep practicing taking charge and you will succeed.

The fact is, women have never really been less capable than men at building businesses. Unnatural forces have held women back and pushed them down, and women are thankfully learning that they are powerful and are able to make key decisions that are making waves in the business world… and also the political world.





Trevor Tillotson

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How to Leverage Growing Technology to Be Competitive

One of the most amazing things about owning an online/offline business today is that there is so much technology that is continuing to grow and improve. This technology makes it even more possible for you to be successful as a business owner without having to hire a lot of people, or pay for high-cost infrastructure. The barriers to entry are lower than ever for entrepreneurs that have an idea and go for it. Here’s how to leverage growing technology to be competitive and make the most of the wealth of technological application available.

    1. Use Cloud-Based Project Management Software to Stay Organized

Software like Basecamp.com, Asana.com and others allows you to keep yourself and a team of contractors organized in such a seamless way that even land-based businesses are starting to implement these solutions. The more organized a business is, the more that they can get done in a shorter amount of time – thus saving one of their most valuable resources, which is time, for other projects

2. Move to the Cloud for More Security and Flexibility

There is so much to love about cloud technology, but one of the best features is the fact that you can access your information from anyplace and keep it more secure. It might seem scary to have your information in the cloud, but it’s actually more secure than if it’s on your hard drive on your PC. The reason is that if you have a fire or a theft, the information is not accessible without the right password. Cloud-based systems use backups to keep your information safer.


3. Automate More to Free Up Time and Appear Bigger

Even as a sole proprietor you can run a multi-figure business using automation. The type of automation available, from email marketing, shopping carts, customer service management and more, is an important part of running a business today. You can manage a huge business without using up all your time if you use the right automation.

4. Increase Your Skill Resources by Outsourcing around the Globe Using Cloud Solutions

Due to the internet you can now outsource around the world using services like Upwork.com, investing in less expensive and even more talented labor which will help you increase the skillset you have to offer your customers. Due to services like Dropbox, Basecamp and others, working with others is easier than ever.

5. Use Online Bookkeeping Software to Automate Financial Information

Save time doing your bookkeeping by setting up automated bookkeeping with solutions like Go Daddy Bookkeeping, which work with your bank and or PayPal to automatically enter income and expenses. This means you can cut down on how much time you have to spend on bookkeeping duties.

6. Increase Customer Service Satisfaction by Using a Cloud-Based CRM Solution

Customer relationship management can be automated for the most part, with only the most serious situations being dealt with in person. Set up a searchable FAQ so that your customers can first serve themselves and only escalate to individual service when needed. This can cut down on your time expenditure but also help improve customer satisfaction.

7. Perform Online Webinars and Training to Save Money and Time

If you have a team, or you want to build a team, using online webinar systems can save time and money on training for your business. Training costs a lot of time and money when you have to meet in person. Putting training online that is automated can be even better. For example, once you record one live webinar, you can put it in training for people to watch later.

8. Start an Online Storefront Using Cloud-Based Shopping Cart Technology

If you sell physical products or digital products, starting an online storefront is easier than ever due to the growth of cloud-based shopping cart technology. You don’t have to install a native application anymore; instead you can get a full service shopping cart that works for all types of businesses, for example 1ShoppingCart.com, which works for physical and digital products. If you are interested in drop shipping and learning how to sell products without holding stock you can find out more at Salehoo.com





Technology is there for you to use, to help you make your business even more successful. Even if you’re a business of one, you can appear to be much larger than that with the proper use of technology to your advantage.

All best wishes




Trevor Tillotson

How to Go with Your Feminine Flow as an Entrepreneur

Many people are under the assumption that women are weak, powerless, and don’t succeed in business due to that. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Women are truly amazing in their ability to persevere. Just watch any woman laboring during child birth and you’ll know that women know how to get through a difficult time in order to experience the prize at the end. You can use those natural abilities, you see, without you realising it you instinctively know how to go with your feminine flow as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneurial woman well able to lead yourself… and others to success.







* Use Your Natural Multitasking Ability – You can do much more than chew gum, answer the phone and walk. Women are able to focus well on many things at once because nature has given them the ability due to what it takes to raise children. Even if you have no children, you have that ability inside and you can call on it when you need it. Need to focus on a report in the middle of an airport? You can do it… equal to or more efficiently than the average male… sorry fellas!

* Be More Empathetic Because It’s Natural – Sometimes women are taught that their ability to care about other people’s emotions makes them weak, but it’s not true. Due to this natural ability to feel emotions deeply without it wrecking your ability to get things done, you can surround yourself with the right people to push you through to success.

* Self-Sacrifice Makes You a Winner – Women have a natural ability to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. They do it all the time in their family, using “me time” to work on a business or a goal instead of playing basketball with their buddies.

* It’s Ok to Embrace Your Curiosity – Women are also very curious, and it’s that curious nature that can lead them to entrepreneurial success. Don’t push that natural need to know down because you think it’s too masculine. Let it go and learn as much as you can to push your business forward.

* You Can Charm Your Audience – As a woman you have the ability to turn on your charm, smile, and look people in the eye without seeming like a predator. This can give you the ability to make your audience fall in love with you and become very loyal followers. This is particularly true when using video marketing using a business platform such as myInspiredMedia…


* Continue Being Open to Change – Most women are used to change because they experience so many physical changes as they grow, and as they have children. As an entrepreneur, change is the name of the game. If one thing isn’t working, move to plan B or C to find what works. Change is good.

* Take Your Power – Remember that everyone has a mom or a mom figure in their life, which means that you can be that powerful figure almost from the get-go when you embrace your femininity and allow it to be a guiding force in your entrepreneurial journey.

* Keep Communicating – Women are natural communicators and listeners. Remember the saying that you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen to others, mirror back what they told you and you’ll do better than you think.

Women are powerful, smart, assertive, open and awesome.You know how to go with your feminine flow as an entrepreneur, don’t mask your femininity if you want to be successful in business. Instead, embrace your feminine flow as an entrepreneur because that will never lead you astray.





Trevor Tillotson.

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How To… Spot A Recession

Hi Team

According to Gold and Silver Expert Mike Maloney it is possible to predict just when a recession is about to happen.

Whether this is the case… or not… the stats show that this indeed may be the case.

How to spot a recession would therefore be a valuable lesson to learn.

Over almost 70 years the charts clearly demonstrate the peaks and troughs associated with every recession over that period of time.

Of course it would be labeled as scare mongering, for anyone who is unqualified, to suggest that a recession has already started without having at least some factual evidence that this may be the case.

I am sharing this very recent video with my team for one reason only and that is to get you thinking about how you and your family will cope in the event of a recession hitting hard and paper money does a devaluation tail spin as inflation kicks in.

Take a look at this short factual presentation from Mike Maloney …

The 6 Charts shared by Mike do tell a recurring story don’t they?

He suggests that based upon the evidence they share that we have already entered a period of recession which he thinks may not be revealed by the Fed until the USA Fall.

Here’s a call out to my team who are with me in Karatbars as either a Gold Purchasing Karatbars Customer or as a Karatbars Business Partner. Mike Maloney as we know has the respect of the gold investment community and is not prone to making rash statements. I think it may be time to ramp up our gold acquisition to protect our families from what promises to be a long period of hardship.

For those Karatbars Business Partners amongst you who have their own teams perhaps you might also want to share Mike’s video with them so that they can prepare their teams foe the future hardship.

For everyone else on my team who have joined me in one of my other online business opportunities but not in Karatbars you can learn more about Karatbars as either a customer of business partner here…

Don’t get caught out!!!ptg_banner



Best wishes





Trevor Tillotson

How to Choose the Right Online Classes for You

There are so many choices for online courses today that they can become overwhelming. There are ways to figure out which online classes are for you, though, if you sit down and ask yourself a few important questions you’ll instinctively know how to choose the right online classes for you.

* Is the Course Legitimate? – When you’ve discovered a course about something you’re interested in, ask yourself if this course is put out by someone who truly knows and understands what they are talking about. For example, if you’re looking for a course on how to self-publish your first book, did the creators themselves do what they’re suggesting successfully? Or, is the course put out by a well-known university or college? When you answer that question you can move on to the other questions.

* Do You Want Credit for Your Course? – If you want some sort of college credit for taking the course, you need to find out if the course qualifies. Some will say that they qualify for continuing education units, in which case they do. If they don’t say so, then they probably do not offer any sort of college credit. That doesn’t mean the course is useless, though. Sometimes learning is for another reason outside of getting credit down on paper, such as to further your career. Often with online business training it is done in house provided by experienced top selling entrepreneurs who use the same systems, training and education to get the often amazing results that they achieve.


* Do You Have Enough Time? – Look over the requirements of the course and determine if you actually have the time to properly devote to taking the course. There is more to any course than going through the motions. If you really do want to learn how to choose the right online classes for you, you need to focus 100 percent on the tasks at hand so that you can come out of the course with the knowledge you need to succeed.

* Is the Course within Your Budget? – You never… ever… want to go into debt to take a course unless you’re sure that you can afford to pay off the debt soon (usually within six months is a good rule of thumb) or you know for sure you will devote yourself to putting into practice what you learn so that you can earn the money back. If the course is outside of your budget, you can work on earning the money first to pay for the course outright. There is never just one chance today for any type of course, no matter what the sales page says. Also, the choice of online businesses nowadays  can spread across many niches.

* What Value Does the Course Offer You? – Outside of learning something that the course teaches you, what other types of value does the course offer? Will you be able to put into practice what you learn to earn money, lose weight, or get your life in order? What are the benefits of taking this course outside of the immediate knowledge you’ll get?

* Will You Really Use the Knowledge? – This is the time you need to be honest and get real about yourself and your intentions. Usually the past is a good indicator of how you’ll behave in the future. Have you taken other courses that you did nothing with, or worse, you paid for it and did not even complete it? If you paid for a course or book or lesson that you did not even finish, what makes this one different? Will you really use this course?

* Is Your Internet Connection Good Enough? – This is very important because if you live in a remote area and the course is completely online with video, you may not be able to use the course if your internet connection is slow. Some courses are delivered in text via email and you can probably do those, but if the course has a lot of technology associated with it, make sure that you can view it properly before paying for it.

Ask yourself How to Choose the Right Online Classes for You and answer honestly before investing money in any online class. That’s the only way to be sure that you aren’t wasting your time, money and effort. Any type of online course can be beneficial if you devote yourself to learning the lessons and then put them into practice. Take a look at what I am doing to build my own home businesses to see if they are of interest to you. they each have their own educational training and business systems included.                             Take a look….











Kind regards





Trevor Tillotson

Free Online Classes to Boost Your Marketing Skills

Free online classes to boost your marketing skills are more accessible than you might imagine.

It may not seem like it but the truth is, marketing education can be had for free. They say you get what you pay for so your mileage may vary, but the courses listed here are legit and you will learn a lot if you apply yourself. Taking online marketing courses can help you improve your business exponentially if you put into practice what you learn.

* Google Online Marketing Challenge – This is listed first because it’s probably the most important and most helpful one. Why? Well, when it comes to online exposure and marketing, obviously Google is the boss. Google Search is still the most effective and biggest search engine there is, so if Google teaches it to you, it’ll work. What’s more, you can also get certified if you choose.


* Constant Contact Courses – Even if you aren’t a subscriber to Constant Contact’s email autoresponder service, you can sign up for this Social Media 101 Quickstarter Course. You’ll receive social media marketing for beginners for many different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more – all for free.


* Copyblogger Content Marketing Mastery – Even though it’s from 2014, it has a lot of great stuff in it. You get 16 eBooks and 20 emails to learn about internet marketing. It’s called Internet Marketing for Smart People. In fact, Copyblogger often puts out free education, white papers, and more. Sign up with them if you’re not already, to get up-to-date information about marketing.


* Marketing Certification from HubSpot – Always amazing, always free and open to anyone who wants to do it, this certification course will give you comprehensive information about inbound marketing, email marketing, and more. If you become a member of HubSpot, there is even more education in the form of free online classes to boost your marketing skills right at your fingertips.


* The Open University – This is a real university that is free for everyone. They have numerous marketing courses, from social marketing to marketing communications. You can sign up and learn anything you want to learn via the Open University, and if qualified you can even volunteer to teach a course.


* The American Marketing Association – You can listen to numerous podcasts about marketing free of charge. If you join as a member, you can get access to even more education about marketing free of charge. In addition, they have online TV episodes.


* Academic Earth – They currently offer six free online courses about marketing, from entrepreneurial marketing to a strategic marketing measurement. The free online classes to boost your marketing skills provided here are older but you can still learn a lot about basic marketing from them.


* Udemy – Udemy offers many courses for a fee, and sometimes various teachers and instructors will offer their course free. Many introductory courses are free, which includes marketing courses.


You can also take free courses with MIT and other schools. All you have to do is perform a search for “free online marketing courses” and you’ll find a lot of choices. You can learn a lot if you just put your mind to it.


Happy searching





Trevor Tillotson

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Failing Is Part of the Growth Process

The truth is that if you don’t fail now and then, you’re not trying hard enough. Many people have such a fear of failure that they never push themselves to move through a challenge, and so they never experience either failure or success. They just coast along. The fact is, failing is part of the growth process in all aspects of life, especially business.

* Failure Is Part of the Learning Process – You’ve heard the saying from proverbs, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” This is telling you that failure is expected and natural. It’s the way we learn. It’s like learning to ride a bike. You fall off. You skin your knees. But you get right back up and try again. Many scientists failed spectacularly before finding success… take a look at Edison, Einstein and more recently Steve Jobs and it’s not any different in business. Sometimes a new idea will fail spectacularly, but there is always a lesson within that failure to help rocket you to success the next time.


* Failure Should Be Tolerated, no… it should be Expected – So many people have decided that failure is bad, but we should not only tolerate and expect it, we should almost encourage it. Because the fact is, failing is part of the growth process. If you’re not failing sometimes, you’re not going to be hungry enough to putting yourself out there enough. Imagine if J.K. Rowling had stopped submitting her work on Harry Potter to publishers every time she got a “no.” Each rejection was a failure but it taught her how to succeed.

* Failure Should Be Rewarded – We can create an abundance of success if we start encouraging failure. When someone tries something and gives it their all but fails, it should be celebrated. When failure comes your way, and it will, take the time to analyze why the failure occurred and acknowledge the good that came from it, while tweaking your theory and making plans to… try again.

* Failure Creates Change – Consider how a new invention goes through many incarnations before it becomes a final version. We’ll mention the genius of the inventor of the light bulb (and again below), computer operating systems, even the typewriter all which went through many failures and incarnations before they became known as they are now. The failures before them are what made the successes possible.

* Failure Keeps You Grounded – If all you experience in life is success, you won’t be a very grounded person. In fact, you may become arrogant and think you’re super special when the truth is you’re not pushing yourself hard enough and have become stagnant. Failing is part of the growth process because it lets you see your own humanity and therefore become more accepting of others.

* Failure Brings New Innovation – Take a look at the history of the light bulb again (click the link below) and you’ll see that each failure brought a new idea to light that made the invention better. Even today we have new light bulb inventions due to the perceived failures of the one before it. When something doesn’t work, it always brings to light something else that may work.


* Failure Brings Growth – As you expand your knowledge while building your business, it’s natural to have some setbacks. But you’ll also experience bursts of growth. In fact, it might just be a big giant idea bombing that projects a growth spurt that you don’t expect. Did you know that Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players of all time, did not make his high school basketball team? Imagine if he had given up?

* Failure Is Part of Success – Michael Jordan has been quoted as talking about all the times he’s failed, and he’s given that as an example of why he succeeds. He succeeds because he keeps on trying even after failing. So, he misses the winning shot in this game; maybe if he practices more he won’t in the next. It’s his ability to get back up, dust himself off, and keep on trying that brings success.

The fact is, without failure you can’t have growth and success. Without experiencing ups and downs you have no idea when you’re finally up. Failure can teach you that having a plan A, B and C is beneficial. The truth is, all failure is just another step toward succeeding, because you learn from each failure in a way you can’t learn from success.






Trevor Tillotson

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Challenges and Concerns for Female Entrepreneurs

Well, what are the real challenges and concerns for female entrepreneurs… the question is obvious isn’t it? however the answers are not to obvious and are pretty unique to women.

When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, women may have some perceived challenges from the start. However, these challenges can easily be taken head-on with some education and perseverance. Let’s go over these challenges and learn how to deal with them before they cause problems.

* Being Perceived as Bossy – Sometimes in our society women who are strong are seen as bossy while a male who does the same thing is seen as strong. But, instead of worrying about that perception, women should learn to take charge and not worry about other peoples opinions. When someone accuses you of being “bossy,” take charge of the situation and highlight examples of males in the same position as yourself. Do this and most reasonable people who are exposed to their inadvertent sexism will change their stance.

retired lady home business2

* Building Networks – Because of the mis-conception that most people who are business owners are men, many groups seem to be male centric. However, today particularly in the age of e-commerce and online marketing, there are many groups either dominated by women or available for women to join. But, don’t wait around for women-centered groups to develop in your niche; show your strength by joining the groups that are male dominated, earn the respect of your peers and take a leadership approach. Don’t be afraid to be a leader. You’ll be more respected and openly accepted than you think.

* Finding Funding – It can be a real problem when it comes to going to banks and finding funding from angel investors. Most angel investors happen to be men right now, and due to that, most of the connections follow the “good ol’ boy network.” You may have to do something to really differentiate yourself to get that type of funding, but it can be done. Alternatively rather than developing an off-line business which may need a huge capital outlay, consider starting an on-line home based business which requires minimal capital investment to get started.


Protection Through Gold (PTG) is just one example of such a business which though comprising various income streams has Karatbars Gold Bullion as its primary/core business opportunity.

* Being Well Balanced –This is one of the biggest challenges and concerns for female entrepreneurs wanting to start a business… traditionally women have been expected to do everything well. They are expected to take care of their homes, their children, and do well in business too… often all at the same time. It’s not really fair to expect women to do all of that, but the fact is that that’s the idea many people have perpetuated and allowed to prevail. Most women today challenge these assumptions and expect help from their family and partner, make sure you do just that… demand equality.

* Managing Time – Due to the above expectation that women will handle all things family and home, sometimes managing your time can be an issue. However, if you remember to ask your partner to help, or hire help, you can get better. Don’t outsource anything that is imperative for you to do. Most women in leadership roles have learned to “work smart”. For example, it’s important to do bath time, and you should do your own webinars, but someone else can clean the house, and someone else can set up the technology for your webinars.

* Fear of Success – This is not really a problem isolated to women, but there is a high prevalence of women who seem to shy away from success. Success carries a lot of responsibility and it can be overwhelming at times. Respect yourself the way you want others to respect you. If you want to be a successful business owner, you have to see yourself as one first before anyone else will do the same.

* Find and Surround Yourself With Role Models – Every news report, business article, magazine and so forth often perpetuates the idea that women are in the minority in business. But the fact is that in the USA, women own 10.6 billion businesses and are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the world. Women currently own more than 28 percent of all non-farm businesses in the USA.

What ever you do… don’t allow your gender to define who you are as an entrepreneur. You can meet every challenge and become very successful in your business niche by joining with your peers to embrace who you are each and every day.

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Trevor Tillotson