Do You Post Your Blog on Social Media??? …… Here’s How To Track Its Progress … for free!!!

“bitly offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking.”

bitly is the easiest and most fun way to save, share and discover links from around the web. bitly call these links bitmarks, and you can use bitly to remember, curate and share them.

bitly is available via their website ( )  browser extensions, mobile web, and numerous third-party tools integrated with their open public API. bitly also powers more than 10,000 custom short URLs and offers an enterprise analytics platform that helps web publishers and brands grow their social media traffic.

In addition to its main URL shortening service, the website provides tools to view statistics related to users that click on bitly generated links.

I often use bitly to track my online business marketing campaigns for MyLeadSystemPro.

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Here’s how to create a bitly “bit mark” which will allow you to TRACK its progress……………………

  1. Copy the URL of the blog or website you want to track PRIOR to posting it on Social Media Sites such as (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  2. Log onto the the bitty website at – & create a (free) account
  3. Paste the previously copied URL you want to track into the “Paste A Link Here” box situated above the Puffer Fish in the top right hand corner of the Home Page.
  4. A new “bitmark” will automatically be produced with a string of letters & numbers such as which is the bitmark for my last posting How To ….. Use Social Media Bar To Post Your Blog On Facebook
  5. You can add notes to the “bitmark” to assist its identification
  6. Click on Copy in the dialogue box which is produced – I save the bitmark in Notepad  before posting the bitly link on social media sites ….. partly to keep a record but also to recopy should something happen which interferes with your social media site posting efforts!!!
  7. To track progress go to the bitly “Your Stuff” tab and you will see the number of “clicks your page has received in the bottom left corner of the bitmark.
  8. To see who’s (Referrers) been clicking on your article click on the STATS tab and you will see basic information relating to ………..
  • time of day
  • date
  • number of clicks
  • geography (country/location)

………………………………… all useful stuff to assist you in understanding your audience ………… Don’tya think???

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