Have You Created … An Internet Blogging Black Hole!!!

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”

― Jon Morrow

Not only is this blog about the Internet Blogging Black Hole Blogging Blunders that most people make when it comes to blogging … it’s much much more. And it’s about more than just making money blogging. I’ll cover that too, because there are millions to be made through blogging, if you do it right…

The thing is, no matter what business you’re in, money is simply the byproduct of right-thinking combined with right-action. After today, your “thinking” and, if you choose, your “action” will change completely. I promise you that.

But before we get going, it’s super-important to understand that this blog is REALLY about one thing:


By that, I mean how “NOT” to think and what “NOT” to do if you want to really succeed online. And before I make my next statement, let me tell you – it may be a bit hard for you to accept when you first hear it…

But you can’t truly make progress or succeed unless you’re open to accepting that I’m about to tell you. So, unless you can open your mind to something that might seem a bit far fetched at first, and trust what I’m about to tell you, you might as well STOP READING THIS  BLOG RIGHT NOW.

NOT everyone is ready for the concept i’m about to share. 

If that’s you … Come back and read it later when you are ready.

The thing is, whether you know it or not, you’ve been a VICTIM. A victim of a dubious, nearly undetectable disease that has you and so many other people headed in the opposite direction of success online…

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The Cost Of Blogging Success

Tell me this: What did you picture life being like when you first got the idea of trying to create income online?

Did you see yourself hunched over a computer until the wee hours of the morning, night after night, ultimately spending LESS time, rather than MORE time with the people you love?

Did you think, for even a moment, that
you’d end up needing to learn all kinds of complicated systems and platforms or that … if you could afford to … you’d have to hire expensive developers and designers just to get up and running?

And did you think it would take months and months, or maybe even longer, to get your business going and that you’d have to face your friends and feel a bit ashamed when they ask you how your online business is going?

If you’ve experienced ANY of what I just talked about, then you’re likely the victim of the disease I’m about to expose to you. But rest assured, this disease you’re suffering from is NOT YOUR FAULT and there is a simple remedy. To receive this “remedy” you just need to make one small shift in your thinking… then without hesitation, take MASSIVE, MASSIVE action … to AVOID the  INTERNET BLOGGING BLACK HOLE!!!

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It’s undeniable. We live in a world where we’re being sold to 24 hours a day. And
as you likely know, in order to easily sell someone on something, they must be in the right mental or physical “state”. So, the disease that so many people are suffering from is really the result of message after message designed to get you into a “state” where you’ll buy into a BIG FAT LIE…

It’s a lie that’s made you and so many others falsely believe that activity equals results.

This is just plain old NOT the case. Results equal results. The wrong activity can point you in the exact opposite direction of your goals.

When it comes to succeeding on the Internet, you’ve been told repeatedly that you need to spend time endlessly setting things up. And that you need back-links to get great SEO and rankings, right?

On top of that, you’ve been chastised for NOT getting enough traffic or enough engagement.

All of this messaging is specifically designed to SELL you and everyone else on spending all the time, mental focus, and of course MONEY to try to get all these things done. And in the midst of all this activity and expense, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason that any of these activities actually matter.

When we set out to build a business online, what most of us are really after is just
more time, money and most importantly, FREEDOM. And yet, if you think about the list of things we get sold on needing, just about everyone ends up with the opposite of what they set out to achieve.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: I have a friend who had shares in a fairly large motor launch. He regularly referred to it as “a big whirlpool in the water into which you throw money.” He says that because he spends more time and resources keeping the boat floating and running than he actually does relaxing on it or enjoying it.

I submit that, if you’ve struggled with any of the things I talked about above, then your online business is simply a “Internet Blogging Black Hole … Into Which You Are Throwing Time and Money.”

You are suffering from a disease called…

Friction Addiction.

And if you’ve experienced some or all of those struggles, you’ve become unwittingly addicted to blogging activities that are actually FRICTION separating you from the success you’re after as an entrepreneur. Phrases like “I plan to” and “eventually” are signs that you’ve been stricken this condition.

And over my next few Blogs … I’m about to show you the cure. But in the end, you’ll have to decide whether or not to accept it.

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Wasted Time & Wasted Resources:

You see, the single biggest problem that anyone can have when it comes to succeeding at anything at all, including growing a business online, is burning time and wasting resources on the million “small” things that call out to them…

I’m talking about things that are NOT directly responsible for achieving whatever outcome you set. These are activities that don’t directly lead to achieving your goals, and most frequently they’re activities that you’re not naturally good at.

They are the FRICTION.

It’s this kind of friction that ultimately prevents you (and anyone else) from succeeding. And unless there’s absolutely NO OTHER WAY for you to progress, you should NOT ever ………………………. put your energy into FRICTION of any kind.

Unfortunately, FRICTION is exactly what most people focus the majority of their time, energy and resources on…

They, and likely you too, are simply suffering from FRICTION ADDICTION.

Avoiding this type of FRICTION is the real secret behind most of the success stories you’re likely familiar with. And that’s what these “17 Internet Black Hole Blogging Blunders” are really designed to shine a light on and get rid of.

By the time you finish going through my next series of Blogs, you will have mastered the concept of “Friction Free Blogging” and that’s the TRUE secret to … avoiding the Internet Blogging Black Hole ………… & having a successful business blog.

Trevor Tillotson


P.S. Look out for the rest of the blogs in this series to find out about the top 17 Internet Blogging Black Hole Blogging Blunders that most people make when it comes to blogging … and how to avoid them !!!

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