Bulimia Help … Product Review


This post is a little out of the ordinary compared to my usual style of article.

Recently I learned that the daughter of a close friend was suffering in silence with the eating disorder … bulimia. I started doing a little research and came up with this … self help … medically approved treatment program which they have introduced to her.

I was interested in learning more about bulimia and recently discovered “The Bulimia Help Method”, a self-help bulimia recovery program that’s taking the web by storm. The recovery program was created by Richard Kerr back in 2007, following his wife Ali’s successful recovery from bulimia and since then over 10,000 people have benefited from their innovative approach to recovery. (Click here to learn more)

The Bulimia Help Method provides a step-by-step guide to recovery for people suffering with bulimia, giving them the information, tools and support needed in order to achieve lifelong recovery. It’s cemented by scientific research, endorsed by professionals in the eating disorders field and is now considered to be a proven and trusted approach to recovery from bulimia.

My thoughts on the Bulimia Help Method

My first impressions of the Bulimia Help Method were extremely positive, but if you’re thinking of trying it out for yourself then I want to give you an unbiased overview, so first let me tell you about the things I didn’t like, or more specifically the things I think could be a deal breaker for others.


– It’s a self-help program so you’re going to have to put a lot of the work in yourself (obviously). It means staying actively engaged in your recovery over time and I imagine this would be tough for some people.

– As they say it’s not a “quick fix”, you won’t recover overnight using their methods. Although to be honest this is more of a reality of recovery rather than a downside to their program.

– The support offered is indisputably excellent but it’s entirely web based which means you’re missing out on real-life interaction.

– The program focuses a great deal on teaching you how to eat normally again, but this could be difficult for some without further guidance from a nutritionist.


– The program guides you step by step through recovery so you’re not just being bombarded with masses of information and then left to your own devices.

– When you first sign up they send you regular (and very friendly) emails to help you feel welcomed and to keep you motivated.

– The information, steps and advice provided are really straightforward without coming across as patronising.

– Overall the program makes a lot of sense and the steps are backed up by an impressive amount of scientific research.

– The program is endorsed by professors, eating disorders specialists, doctors and former bulimics.

– They offer a full 60 day money back refund to anyone who isn’t happy with the program. They’ll also give you that refund without asking any demanding questions or begging you to stick with them.

– If you buy the recovery program you’re given free lifetime access to the Bulimia Help Recovery Community where you can connect with others in recovery for support.
This is what you get when you purchase the program:

1. A Step-by-Step Guide to Recovery (in PDF, kindle, ipad, iphone, smart phone or e-reader format)

2. Mind Power Audio – This helps you to remain really calm and encourages your bulimic thoughts to be reprogramed at a sub-conscious level.

3. Guided Eating Audio – This helps you to understand feelings of hunger and fullness again. It’s great to listen to during meal times.

4. Inspirational Interviews Audio – Listen to helpful stories from people who’ve recovered using the Bulimia Help Method.

5. Free lifetime access to the Bulimia Help Support Community

6. Additional online tools including: A profile page, a private journal, recovery buddies, public blogs, a binge tracker, a positive tracker, the thought buster tool, regular support emails, access to a live chat area, access to a members forum and free downloadable recovery guides.

Is the Bulimia Help Method the right choice for you?

I imagine you’ve stumbled across my review because you’re already very serious about starting your recovery but you’re wondering whether the Bulimia Help Method is the real deal. Or maybe you just wanted to see if it would be a good fit for you?

If this is the case then to begin with I’d say it’s normal to have some reservations and doubts. When you’ve had bulimia for a long time it’s hard to imagine that anything is going to help. But at the same time, with the Bulimia Help Method you have nothing to lose. If it’s not what you’ve been looking for then at least you’ll know you tried, and if it is what you’ve been looking for then it’s going to change your life forever!

To conclude
Overall I found the Bulimia Help Method to be an honest, reliable and invaluable resource for anyone wanting to recover from bulimia. It’s fresh, accessible, easy to take in and doesn’t make any outlandish claims like a lot of other self-help resources seem to these days.

I hope this review has been helpful. If you’re ready to give the Bulimia Help Method a go yourself then you can … click here to get started now:

Trevor Tillotson

Online Marketing Facilitator

IPA … Or … NIPA … That Is The Question!!!

An Affiliate Marketer’s Time = Money … Unfortunately !!!

Speaking for myself … as an Affiliate Marketer I want to get my products exposed to as broader audience as I can in order to maximise the potential of … earning an income … online.

The issues/challenges facing todays Online Marketers are increasing by the day. The issues are centered around … time … and inevitably … money. Most of an affiliate marketer’s time is … or should I say… should be … spent on Income Producing Activities (IPA’s).


IPA’s & The “IPA Mode”

What are IPA’s then? Well, simplified, they are daily activities or processes which result in the productive use … of time … to create income … such as … (but not exclusively limited to):

  • Creating Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Developing Social Media Ads
  • Developing Video’s for specific Marketing Campaigns or for YouTube publication
  • Writing your Blog
  • List Building Activities

Much of the Affiliate Marketer’s time associated with IPA’s … for the promotion of specific products … is linked to things like:

  • Squeeze/Landing Page development
  • Solo Ad generation
  • Classified & Ezine Ad development
  • Email/List Broadcasts/Ad generation

All of which require a certain degree of “creativity” and a savvy understanding of the “Target Audience”.

If there are IPA’s … then one would expect there to be the “flip side” of the equation … None Income Producing Activities … or NIPA’s … and your expectations would be well founded.

In fact the NIPA’s probably outnumber the IPA’s and their … almost magnetic forcees … are therefore the biggest … potential … downfall for the Affiliate/Online Marketer.

Why do I say this? Well it is because NIPA’s offer the Affiliate Marketer a form of … escapism … a … distraction even … from the often intense concentration needed when in “IPA mode”.

I know this … because … in days past … I have fallen victim to its clutches myself.


The “NIPA Mode”

Does the “NIPA Mode” exist … course it does but … because it is … sort of insidious in onset … it is easy to fall victim to it’s … costly time wasting potential.

What are examples of Non Income Producing Activities then?

  • Reading emails
  • Searching unrelated (to your niche marketing) web sites
  • Browsing Facebook & other Social media Sites
  • Reading unrelated articles and/or blogs
  • Watching unrelated YouTube content … like this … go on watch it … you deserve a 5 minute break 😉

By far the best way to avoid falling victim to the NIPA Mode is to develop self discipline and to “timetable” your day in a structured way dependent upon the number of hours you are spending each day on your Online Business.


Structuring Your Working Day

Is it difficult to timetable your working day? … well that all depends upon what type of person you are.

If you are easily distracted  … then  … Yes!!! it will be difficult to get into a strict timetable … writing down your timetable in a desk diary will be the best solution to help keep you focused on the task of … self controlled timetabling. Set the clock on your PC to remind you that … Hey it’s break time!!! … and stick to it no matter where you are at … in a task.  You’ll find that if you give yourself regular … “Time-out Treats” … you’ll get more productive and less distracted … and you’ll still get through all of your emails and all that other … NIPA stuff!!!

Let’s say that you are working at your Online Business for 4 hours each day … it is likely that you will need to consider 3-4 breaks from working on IPA’s during that time.

Working 50 minutes … each hour … without distraction is a good length of time … to get the job done without burning out … allowing yourself 10 minutes each hour to break from the concentration of working on IPA’s … time to take a breather outside … take a coffee break … play with the dog … check your email or Facebook page … chat with your partner or … remember to check out this blog … oh and … play with the kids.

Check out my offers and get into some serious IPA !!!

Trevor Tillotson

Online Business Facilitator