How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset … Your Financial Stability!!!

In my last post I made the following statement …
“… we are not in the business of selling YOU, or ANYONE …
a thing … we are about educating and facilitating YOU …
in your quest for financial stability.”
This is the case … entirely … but I hear you ask … “surely an online marketer like you are always selling … something”?
Well the answer is no … not necessarily.
Many people following my blog are either already involved with working from home and are already… developing their on-line business.
Others may be new to Online Marketing and looking for information and advice to guide them through … “the minefield” of online marketing.
Commonly I have talked about Affiliate marketing as an excellent genre to market in and earn a good online income.
Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative once you have found your niche and all of the marketing systems are in place.
The key components of an affiliate marketing business opportunity is the need to  … sell the product or service … and whilst Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative … as many reading this will attest … there are no easy get rich schemes
which will make you an overnight millionaire as many trying to lure you in would have you believe.
For the majority of us … whatever niche you are in … it takes a lot of hard work … the odd failure … and the odd bit of good luck … before you taste success.

Need A Change Of Focus … Like Me?

My current focus is on safeguarding mine & my family’s financial security as the world heads for an even bigger recession than the one we are currently experiencing.
I have been discussing Banks, currency & money of late … because the signs and signals from some of the worlds most trusted economists point toward a catastrophic collapse of the world’s monetary system and rejection of the US$ as the
world’s major currency.
Ohhhhhhh yes … its not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when … this is the reality & not fearmongering.
The problem with earning an amazing income from online marketing is … my amazing income is paid to me in paper dollars … which in reality are completely worthless.
“Rediculous” I hear some of the  … less enlightened say … but is it?
The dollars which were deposited into my bank account last month … are worth less now than they were a month ago … and I get a miserable rate of interest of between 3-4.2% which barely keeps pace with inflation and the bank fees
along with gradual devaluation knocks it back even further.

How Can You Beat Currency Devaluation?

Well, that’s a very good question … yet easy to answer.
Some of the world’s larger economies like China & Russia have recognised the decline in the value of the US dollar and are now stock piling GOLD.
According to the world’s most trusted economists, Gold is the true measure of monetary value and they suggest … just like China & Russia … everyone with savings should also be investing in gold instead of the (worthless) paper money
currency of their country.
Up until now, you used to have to buy Gold in large, expensive, quantities.and saving in GOLD was only something the wealthy could consider.
Now anyone can invest in amounts of 999.9% Gold Bullion as amall as 1 gram … costing around $60.
This method of exchanging my cash for future proofed gold is the only way I have to secure my hard earned income for when the real depression starts.
You can find out how amazingly simple this is and also … how you can earn some real interest (for a change) in the form of a commission … to satisfy your marketing needs and make your business even more profitable.
Yes… you actually get paid to save your own cash in the form of Gold each week … and … if you so choose … buy putting into action your marketing skills by sponsoring two other individuals who understand the benefits of future proofing
their hard gotten earnings in the same way.
That said … I’m going to zip it for now and pass you over to the experts.
First up just have a look & listen to Mike Maloney as he talks about thhe final phase of economic collapse and how to “soften the blow” … of its consequences.
Mike Maloney - FIAT Death
Lourens Haasbroek, one of our team leaders talks a bit more about the decline in the value of paper (FIAT) currency … highlighted by Governments issuing ridiculous & worthless bank note denominations such as … the German $50,000,000
Fifty Million Deutch Mark …

Lourens 50 mill

and more recently … the Zimbabwean $10,000,000 Ten Million Dollar bill …

Zimbabwe 10 mill

which incidentally … would not even buy you a cup of coffee!!!


You can watch the video … here

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By now it should be coming more clear what KaratBars International has to offer the average individual … like you … & me with regard to securing and protecting … yours and your families financial future …

But of course …
... only If that is important to you!!! ...
I would love to chat with you about our KaratBars Protection Through Gold Team on Skype: trevor.tillotson …Why not drop me a line for a chat 🙂
To your financial security
Trevor Tillotson