An Interest in … (Bank) Interest

“Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest.”

Irwin Corey

Exchange Cash … For Gold

Before I get started …

this blog is intended to be informative and to help those of you

who want your savings to increase … rather than decrease in value over time … and

also for those entrepreneurs … who have or want to develop a home based business which

returns an amazing income … in the form of Interest or commission based upon the Gold that you …

and your team buy.


That said, there’s no big sell or hype intended here … as always the choice is yours!!!

You do not have to develop an online business to belong to my Team.

You can simply start buying gold bullion as your own savings program … in other words exchange your worthless paper cash

for real currency grade GOLD Bullion … and watch it increase in value.


Once you’ve had a look at the way my serious Team Members buy GOLD  though … you might realise the potential of

joining with my Team to reap the rewards of developing an online business as you buy your own GOLD.

The profits from your own online business will eventually start to pay for your own GOLD purchase savings where …

… you’ll get your GOLD

… for FREE.

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What You Get In Return … For Lending To The Bank!!!

Without a doubt the Interest rates on bank deposits of paper money are at an all time … LOW.

The best bank investment rates as of the start of August 2014 are shown below … and are hardly cause for excitement.

Anywhere between 0.9% t0 3.0% across the board seems about … as good as it gets.


 UK Savings Interest2014-08-07_0001

USA Bank Interest 2014-08-07_0012

Europe bank rates2014-08-07_0015


Bank Charges

In fact … the bank charges for administering your account …

probably end up costing you money!!!



In effect we pay the banks for us to loan them (i.e. deposit)  our hard earned cash …

so that they can then use it to make a profit from loaning it back to us!!!

One might ask ones self … “Why am I doing this”?


Not a silly question but one many people are afraid to ponder … mainly because

of historical indoctrination of being advised by successive Governments, and parents …

to save/invest a percentage of our pocket money/earnings so as not to become a burden on them … or society.

The reality is that since the final dumping of the GOLD STANDARD by President Richard Nixon in 1971,

the world’s paper monetary systems (FIAT currencies) …

have begun to spiral out of control.

Gold  … is Gold … it is a physical element and can not be manufactured … it is rare … it is limited in quantity .. it therefore has value

Paper is the exact opposite …

just reverse the descriptions of GOLD.


Fiat currencies

FIAT currencies allow governments to print more paper (worthless value) money to curb inflation which

pushes the value of paper currency …

DOWNWARDS … and therefore the cost of goods … UPWARDS

hence the devaluation of … the $$$$’s we own.


Gold Reserves … Russia & China Are Sprinting For The Lead … I wonder Why!!!

Most countries Gold reserves are very limited … and in some cases an unknown entity.

After trading gold reserves away over the past few decades the world’s Central Banks are suddenly beginning to …

stockpile GOLD, particularly Russia & China.

There’s a reason for doing this which should …

start alarm bells ringing in Joe Public‘s head …


Click on the image below to read about the top 10 countries who are stock piling GOLD

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The Alternative To Banking Paper Currency

Yes … the “sun on the horizon” … the “light at the end of the tunnel” … the “golden opportunity” … does exist …

for EVERYONE who choses to recognise it and take massive action to capitalise on it.


By listening to what many of the world’s most respected Economists are warning us about

and telling us how to prepare for … the inevitable collapse of the American dollar as the base currency

for the world’s economy.

IT”S NOT IF… BUT WHEN this will occur, which is scary.

One of the most effective ways to prepare ones self for such a catastrophic event is to exchange

some of that rapidly devalueing paper currency with currency grade GOLD bullion … in small

affordable amounts of 1gram at a time.

The question … Why should I do this?

The answer … Because paper based economies, as has been proven historically, usually fail

and the current system is beginning to show signs of strain. GOLD, on the other hand,

because of its rarity, is one of the very few rare earth elements which has, historically, withstood the test of time

as a measure of monetary value and wealth – every major economy is clamoring to stock-pile GOLD …

I WONDER WHY !!!!!!! 😉

You can do the same … before your paper cash becomes so worthless  you should have a look at the alternative

offered by our PTG Karatbars Team by clicking the image below …

Remember … our sole purpose is … to provide the means to safeguard your financial future …








To your financial protection …


Trevor Tillotson







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Hello World … It’s Time To Wake-Up !!!


(Please activate image viewing, there’s something worth watching)

Hi, Trevor here again,

If you are not interested in your financial future …

don’t bother looking at this message & spend your time elsewhere 🙁

On the other hand …

If YOU ARE interested in your financial future …

spend your time watching this video …


from financial destruction and a life of … POVERTY 😉

This video requires the investment of around 45 minutes of your time…

but is worth more to you than you will ever appreciate …

more-so should you choose not to watch.

Financial Reporter, Greg Hunter, interviews Gold Expert, Jim Sinclair

about the effect of the failing US$ on the world’s economy and why …

YOU & I should immediately begin exchanging our worthless paper currency …

for physical possession of Gold.

Click the image to be enlightened …

Both Greg Hunter and Jim Sinclair touched on the notion of the public’s …

blinkered unwillingness to believe that the world is on the brink of financial disaster

and that there is a reluctance in the general public to accept that the current

paper currency economies (FIAT currencies) are rapidly becoming … valueless!!!

Our Protection Through Gold Karatbars Team consists of people who range from

having no bank savings at all to those with … huge paper currency savings accounts.

Without exception … THEY ALL:

  • have one thing in common … they are all very well EDUCATED
  • UNDERSTAND the critical state of health …. of the WORLD’S DYING ECONOMY
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             paper currency for currency grade GOLD BULLION from KARATBARS

You should at least … check out what PTG Karatbars is all about.

My Team care about one thing … ONLY

and that is …

helping you secure yours and your families financial future …

There’s …




After all … your financial future is in your hands … literally.

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So there you have it …

WELCOME to the enlightened who now have the knowledge

and have take the first step by deciding to join our Team.

If you take the decision seriously your financial success in future will be secured.

To your financial success

Trevor Tillotson


P.S. In preparation for this business, you will need to be prepared to

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