Autoresponders – A Must Have

My PTG Karatbars Team has asked me to explain about a tool that all 0n-line business builders should be using. It’s an essential marketing tool that is used to store your list members and has the potential to drive significant traffic to your business opportunity and/or blog. It is the tool which should hold prime place in the armamentarium of all on-line marketers/entrepreneurs.

It is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. It isn’t overly expensive to set up, and it’s not difficult to use.

This essential tool is the email autoresponder.

It’s hard to conceive life as an on-line marketer without this tool … and quite frankly … I could not run my on-line business without it.

One word sums up this amazing piece of software …. INDESPENSABLE.

In this post, I want to introduce you to the concept of autoresponders.

Introduction To Autoresponders

Autoresponder software is a tool developed by email service providers which is programmed to help the user to develop a sequence of emails that will be sent to anyone who subscribes to them. The emails can be programmed to go out either immediately or at predetermined intervals to a user who subscribes to your email list.

There are various autoresponder providers such as Mailchimp, Aweber or GVO (amazing value), which is by far the best value because of all of the FREE extra marketing tools bundled with it and, for that reason, the autoresponder of choice for me.

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How To Use An Email Autoresponder

Using GVO to set up a sequence of emails to send out to your mailing list is very simple (you will find the process is simple whichever Autoresponder you decide to use).

  1. To set up a campaign/list in GVO: Log in to GVO (you can sign up here – NB: it’s free to test drive), and then click on “Autoresponder” in the Left hand column half way down the screen. Enter a campaign/list name and details as prompted – use a List Name which corresponds to your business opportunity. Aweber will also get you to come up with a “confirmation message.” This step is only necessary if you wish for anyone who signs up for your list to be sent a double opt-in to receive your emails. A double opt-in message is one which actually asks the person if they agree to give you permission to receive emails from you before you send them out. Some on-line marketers do not like to use double opt-in as they believe that if someone clicks on your offer they are giving you that permission in any case and also that if a prospective client has too many boxes to check they may be put off from checking out your offer. Either way it is your choice to use double opt-in or not, depending upon your style of marketing.
  2. Add your first email: Once your list is set up, move to the “Messages Tab” in your Aweber screen and choose the “Follow – up” option from the drop-down menu.aweber messages followup
  3. Create your first message: You’ll be directed to a screen which lists any messages you may already have in your sequence. If this is a new list, it will be empty: it may look like this:
    Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 12.25.16 PM.png
    Click on “Create New Followup Message”, and you’ll be taken to a text editing screen where you can create your email. This screen is very easy to set up, just like using any word processing software.  All you need to do is type in a “Subject” (Title line) and the message you want to send. I this is the first email in your sequence, you’ll probably want to welcome people to the list and explain a little about your business opportunity and maybe advise the list to check their in-box for future emails from you as well as what the emails that follow will be about.Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 12.29.24 PM.pngOnce your email is completed, click the green “Save” button. Once fully saved and completed, if this is the first email in the sequence, it will immediately be sent to everyone who signs up to your list upon signup, so make sure you get this email right before you create the next “Follow-up” email message in the sequence.
  4. Create following follow-up emails: After you have clicked the green “Save” button you will be directed to the “Settings” screen where you will set the timing/intervals between successive emails. With your first email written you can now start to develop the rest of your sequence of emails. The content of these emails will depend upon your business strategy and your offer. The next consideration is going to be the timing, or scheduling frequency for sending out the rest of the “Follow-up Email Messages”. When you’re editing these emails, on the “Settings” screen which pops up next,  you will see where Aweber asks you to enter the number of days (send interval) you want for your email to be sent out following the previous message.
  5. Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 12.38.30 PM.pngThe “#4″ signifies that this second email (#2) will be sent four (4) days after the initial/welcome email. You might decide to lengthen or shorten this timeframe depending upon what you want to achieve with the autoresponder.If you want to be more specific you can Click the check box below this to specify times and days on which you want emails to be delivered.Screen Shot 2011-10-05 at 12.40.25 PM.pngIn this example the emails will be delivered on any weekday, between 9am and 12 noon (NB: remember to base the time relative to the subscriber’s timezone). If you’re sending daily emails, you will want them to go out every day of the week; alternatively, you might choose to mail weekly on a certain day. Once you’ve got email #2 sorted, repeat the process with any further “Follow-up” emails, and you’re off running.
  6. Promote your list: Once you’ve got your welcome email and perhaps another couple in place, you can continue to promote your business offer. You could also become an affiliate marketer of your autoresponder, and promote it as a business opportunity, as I am doing here. If you can educate someone as well as get people needing an autoresponder, such as AWEBER, to sign up to it you can supplement your online earnings from commissions received. To help you do this you can use AWEBER to develop “Forms” or “Sign Up Forms” in a variety of ways using the “Form Templates” that Aweber provides within the program.

What Is The Main Purpose Of An Autoresponder?

The next relevant question is usually … “Now I know how to set up an autoresponder sequence in Aweber, what can I do with it?

Well, I’m going to inform all you hungry minds in another post that answers just that very pertinent question. I intend to describe a number of different ways on-line business builders can use their autoresponder to drive traffic and start to earn $$$’s.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how those of you who already use an autoresponder, in your on-line business or blog, actually go about using it. Please share your experiences in the comments section of this blog!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Aweber. While I make a small commission if you sign up for Aweber from links in this post I’m also a long-term user of their service and recommend you consider them as an email provider for your online business. 

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Trevor Tillotson

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