Where’s The Best Place For Coffee – With The Best Views?

Where’s The Best Place For Coffee – With The Best Views?

New Zealand has to be one of the world’s most sophisticated cafe cultures outside of Europe. There are as many small boutique coffee roasting companies here as there are small boutiques breweries.
Yep! the kiwi’s love their full flavoured beers here and the nose for a good coffee is as equally refined.

In fact, travelling overseas a couple of years ago in the UK it was hard to find what us kiwis call … a reight good proper cuppa-coffee (a slant on the Yorkshire accent there).

So, where is the best coffee – with the best views … in Wellington, New Zealand?

Being in a home business offers many opportunities to sample many of the coffees on offer in my home town of Wellington and one of my favourite tipples (with a view) is a flat white from The Greta Point Cafe, which is on the harbour coast road heading south towards Wellington Airport around Evans Bay.

There’s plenty of seating to sit, admire the view, savour the coffee and enjoy the snack whilst thinking about or planning the next bit of home business/online marketing strategy.

Boy do I count myself lucky to be working with such an amazing bunch of entrepreneurs like the ones in my company. You can find out what I do for my home business by clicking on the links here or somewhere else on this page. Remember … it’s all in the beans!!!


Why do you have a home business? – A Question OftenAsked


Why do you (I that is) have a home business … I’m often asked that question when I am talking to someone about what I do online with my home business.
It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are an online/home business builder/entrepreneur you have, what in the business is called, a “Why” or “Story”.
My own “Why” relates to my stage in life and not to anything tragic which has occurred in it. By comparison to some home business builder’s “why’s” mine by comparison is to do with keeping my mind active whilst maintaining an income working from home during my impending retirement.
It’s an ideal way to keep the brain active but wind down, work at my own pace, still be my own B.O.S.S. and earn a tidy income to boot!!! If anyone looking at this is in a similar situation situation it’s an ideal business opportunity to consider, instead of suddenly stopping work altogether.

The reason you might have a home business could be dramatically different to mine.

I’m not one for dwelling on disaster, pessimism or negativity but each of these forces do, unfortunately, exist and play a part in many peoples lives, maybe yours?
If this is you then you’re not on your own, once you’ve picked yourself up and you are “thinking straight” again you will understand that you needn’t be on your own.

If your why is this, and you have started your own home/online business … you’ve conquered the problem and found the solution along with hundreds/thousands just like you.
Single Moms/Dads with young children, singles who have lost a partner, people who have been made redundant, suffered illness taking them out of the workforce. People who have lost property and/or life savings in shonkey superannuation/finance schemes … I could go on … there’s no shortage of stories of tragedy and amazingly inspirational strength and self discovery of individuals in any home business team, mine included.

It’s these people that make building a home business, as part of a team, which is most rewarding for me. The pleasure of seeing someone’s business prosper and the life changing effect a successful home business brings to them and their families makes my neck hair stand on end.
You can find out how my home business works by following the link in this article:

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Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas – Systems Are The Answer!

Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas

6 creative ways

Do you ever have an issue developing ideas? Here are six creative ways to overcome hitting a roadblock when generating ideas.
As a home business builder you are challenged daily to be creative, finding refreshing ideas to promote your business and add valued and inspirational content as well as guidance for your Team.

Each area of home business building requires its own special skill levels which are used daily for income producing activities, such as:

  • social media advertising and posts
  • blog posts
  • traffic generation
  • email posts & broadcasts
  • video promotions
  • paid advertising (solo ads etc)
  • Team mentoring
Just to name a few … it’s no wonder the brain can run dry of ideas from time to time, particularly if you don’t have any system to help stir those creative juices.

Systems Are The Answer

VM Measures, a social content and marketing agency provide us with 6 algorithms which will make your income producing activities run on autopilot if you utilise them.
Each of the 6 creative ways to brainstorm ideas is in its self a system which clearly indicates what you need to do to get those idea’s into action.
The 6 ways are:
  1. Mind Mapping
  2. Right Braining
  3. Provocative Action
  4. Break & Build
  5. Pessimist/Optimist
  6. Randomness
You’ll need to watch the video to learn how they all work and how they all interrelate … pure magic … & fun too!
As systems go, these 6 creative ways to brainstorm ideas are priceless, much like the system I use to develop my home business … it is truly priceless.
Without systems the road to success in an online/home business is full of pot-holes, you can find out how my team prospers by clicking on the following link:
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Trevor Tillotson

Why Would I Start A Home Business – Getting Out Of The Rat Race

TT Home Biz

Why Would I Start A Home Business?

The reasons why someone might start a home business are extremely wide & varied … how long is a piece of string?

Whatever the reason the one sure thing is that starting a home business is the solution for financial freedom and security for a lot of people.

Here I discusses some of the many reasons in this short video. In my own case I started my home business in preparation for my full retirement. It’s an excellent way to keep the mind active and earn some residual retirement income from home. At retirement age, I will still have a young family and earning a passive income from a home business is just one way of extending my earning capacity once full retirement becomes a reality. In this way starting a home business in preparation for that moment is bringing financial rewards which can guarantee an on going income and secure a financially free lifestyle for my family

Getting Out Of The Rat Race:

I elude to “getting out of the rat race” here in this video. The Rat Race meaning the treadmill and drudgery of working as an employee … if for some reason you are unhappy with your work or if your work/employment future prospects looks bleak … lets face it, in this day and age a guarantee of full employment can be less than certain.

Why would you start a home business under these circumstances … again the reasons why you should consider it are immense. One of the main ones is .. being your own boss, in full control of your business, working from home allowing you to spend more quality time with your family … as well as building on your future financial stability.

If you are interested in how I am successfully building my own financial security in preparation for my full retirement you can find out more by following this link:


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Very Funny Video About Network Marketing

Funny Vid

Apart from being a funny video, made by entrepreneur Pat Petrini, the message is all too familiar to those of us who have built a home/online business.
There are some people who just … “don’t get it”
They’ve heard all of the bad things about online marketing and marketers and, without fully understanding the difference between a legitimate business and a scam, tend to consider everything done online regarding anĀ online business centred around network marketing as SPAM or A Pyramid scheme.
Let’s be frank here too … quite often it’s our friends and/or families which consider network marketing to be spammy … why? … because they don’t understand … they can only assume.
Assumption leads to misinformation and then before you know … altered relationships.
The best and only advice is to ignore the negativism & stick with the system you know works and your network marketing will be a success.
Just beware of the real scams and avoid the “shiny object syndrome ‘ … don’t grab onto every “get-rich quick” scheme which crosses your path.
Do your due diligence and research well what you are signing up for before you sign up or pass over money … and make sure the business system you choose offers a tried and tested “system” as well as the training needed to make your efforts a success.
If you have the mindset … but not the system you can find the latter here:
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Trevor Tillotson

Working to Live or Living to Work? … Setting The Balance.

Prince Ea


Prince Ea gives it to us in his unique poetic way in this video about setting the balance between work, play and quality family time.

Ok, it’s an ad … but it sends the message that many of us who work hard day to day need to hear and need to heed!!!

Especially those of you who still work at a “Jay ohhh beee” (JOB) as well as being heavy into building your own home business need to … take a step back … and look at what you are doing.

Setting The Balance

The balance between sharing your “time” with your family, “day job” & home business is difficult to establish.

In order for a home business to succeed it takes a lot of training, & needs a lot of research, development and promotion, all of which takes time, especially during the times when you are list building and establishing a team as well as funnelling traffic into your business system … all of which are essential income producing activities for you to establish your home business.

The ultimate objective of course is to get to the point where your home business requires less hands on work and less time “on the job” so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve where you can earn enough money to work from home and spend more time with your family.

The Prince Ea message is centred around the importance of taking holidays with our loved ones.

Working To Live Or Living To Work?

Are you … working to live or living to work?

If you work at a J.O.B, as well as building a home business, the reality is that if you are not careful you spend too much time and money on working and not enough time on making money. Then you are … “living to work” … not much fun!.

That said, building a home/online business is worth the effort it takes, once mastered and you have built a list and developed a team and you are earning from your efforts you can then be said to be … “working to live” the life of your dreams (and perhaps take a break as suggested by Prince Ea)

You can see how my Team got to the “working to live” stage by following the link on this blog … and learn how to do it yourself ……

All the best

Trevor Tillotson