Do It Once …


That’s what my Dad used to tell my brother and I when we were kids.

At the time, as a young kid without any responsibility, I didn’t know what the hell he was going on about. Even as I passed numbly through my childhood education, the penny didn’t drop.

Not until I left school at the ripe old age of 15yrs, after failing miserably at anything academic, did I fully grasp what he was meaning by those words. I think I did apply them to some degree in the activities I found interesting and rewarding … i.e. music and sport. Along with my older brother I was a decent soccer (oops! oooh-errr I mean) … football player as, like him I represented the school. We were also good picking up music, he played drums and I played bass guitar and we both did well at road cycling.

It wasn’t until I started work though that the true meaning of the words … “Do it once … and do it right” finally CLICKED. As a structural engineer you cannot afford to do anything other than … “Do it once … and do it right”

It’s very easy to master the concept …

… all that you, as the recipient of the words of wisdom, need to do is ……


Anyone who has baked a cake will understand the concept from the get go … miss out one step or ingredient in the recipe and I can 100% guarantee your cake will fail and guess what?

You’ll have to start over and do it again … if only you’d followed the instructions exactly you would have …”done it once … and done it right” … saving time, effort and the cost of the ingredients.

The same principle can be applied to building a home business.

Too many people who decide to build a home business … fail before they even get started (they say around 90% of you!) simply because they don’t know how to …

“Do it once … and do it right”

The only way, other than by sheer chance, to successfully build a home business is to, like the cake baker, have the correct recipe and ingredients ready on the bench for you to put together to successfully produce the desired result.

A beautifully successful home business is really no harder to produce than a beautifully baked cake … all that is needed is the recipe … and the discipline to …


I’ll be providing the whole recipe in my next article.

Here’s a entre … to get you hungry!!!

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Happy Business Baking


Trevor Tillotson

PS: Just add all of the ingredients and stir till cooked!