Analysis Paralysis … And How Perseverance Pays Off

Hi Team

I’ve been reminiscing a bit recently, Back to the time when I was starting to build
my home business and I was suffering from “Analysis Paralysis” and pondering what I thought was …


retirement worriesI recalled the words of encouragement from a well known sponsor of mine.

At the time I didn’t realise the fact that every successful home business developer
ha had their own share of…


Here’s what he, and every other successful online business entrepreneur, teaches.

I like to call it “Preservation by Perseverance” & it goes something…

…like this:

Many famous and successful business owners have a history of failure behind them.
The reason they finally succeeded is because they never gave up.
The proof that perseverance pays off is in the following stories of people who have been successful.

Hey, look them up and read about them… their stories are both fascinating and inspirational.

* Henry Ford
* Colonel Sanders
* Walt Disney
* Albert Einstein
* Socrates
* Thomas Edison
* Vincent Van Gogh
* Jack London
* Elvis Presley
* Steven Spielberg
* J.K. Rowling
* Steve Jobs
* Bill Gates

Every single one of these successful people experienced failure in their lives.
Some even experienced bankruptcy and the loss of everything they held dear.
But, they kept on going and kept on trying and eventually it paid off.
The same can happen for you in your home business if you understand how perseverance works.

Read Motivational Books

There is a book called The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy,
that every person who wants to accomplish anything in life should put on their reading list.
The gist is that doing something small every single day adds up to something big.
That goes with working, writing a book, dieting, education and building a home business.
Imagine if you stuck to something every single day for a year – how would the end of the year be different?

Learn from Others

If you’re not convinced about sticking to things longer than you’re comfortable,
Julie Andrews once said, “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th”.
What if you gave up after that 19th time, right before you finally experienced success? That would be horrible.
That’s why it’s important to stick to things even when that means starting completely over and coming at a problem from a different angle.                                                                 If you are using a new system to build your home business but you are getting frustrated, because your business is not going viral,  avoid the so called…

Shiney Object Syndrome … a system that is pushed your way as the answer to all your problems . “Shiney Objects” like this will only guarantee one outcome…

…wasted money and wasted time.

Stick with your system and tweak it, refine it, master it and you will succeed.

Silence Resistance

You’re always going to have other people, including your own inner voice,
who are afraid and will try to stop you from success.
Even people who love you may be Debbie downers sometimes and try to talk sense into you.
It’s important that you silence these voices.
Ask your family and friends to refrain from discussing it at all if they can’t be encouraging,
and turn your inner voice around to be positive.

Work Hard

You’re not going to succeed overnight; it’s just that simple. You’re going to struggle, and that’s okay.
Accept that you’ll be working hard for a while without a payoff.
There is a saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.
But don’t wait until you’re an expert to do something…

…do it now and you’ll eventually become an expert.

Let Go of Blame

Even when things don’t work out – instead of blaming anyone and making excuses,
look at the situation and figure out how you can do it differently next time.
A gymnast will watch a video back of their performance and pinpoint what they’re doing wrong and then correct it.
They won’t blame their knock knees or the balance beam or even themselves.
Instead, they find out what they can change and work on that.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

If you have some bad habits like being negative, playing video games too much,
or stuffing your face when you’re stressed,
try to change those and get rid of those bad habits and instead focus on your end goal.
Procrastination is a symptom of fear. Work through the fear and you will eventually experience success.

J.K. Rowling has been sharing her rejection letters on Twitter and she says…

…every rejection is really a good thing as it gets you closer to success.
Don’t let other people tell you that you’re not good enough.
You are good enough and you can succeed if you just keep trying.

So stick at it.





Trevor Tillotson

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How Do You Quantify Success?

One hell of a question … you might agree?

So, how do you quantify success?

I believe that quantifying success isn’t always just about dollars. Sometimes it’s more about how you feel about the dollars you make.  One example might be…

…If you work in a corporate environment holed up in a cubicle but what you really would like to be doing is to be working outdoors (even though you will probably make three times the money in the cubicle), in this sense how you are defining success has so much more to do with other things than money.

* Money – Many people are very straightforward that money means success. Earning six figures a year defines success to them. However, did you know that both rich people and poor people still the same types of problems with happiness?
Rich people aren’t happier than poor people, although they do have fewer basics to worry about. Poor people tend to find happiness wherever they are even without money, even though they have a lot to worry about in terms of meeting basic needs. Did you know that you can safeguard your income by investing in small affordable amounts of gold bullion in the form of 1 gram ingots. Click here or on the above image to learn more.

* Things – Some people quantify success in terms of the things they own and can buy. This is tied up with money in a way, but these are the people who spend their money. They buy cars, houses and expensive jewellery, and they need to keep earning more money to keep it up in order to be happy. People who define success by things aren’t typically as happy as people who define success in other terms.

* Family – For many people, family is everything. It’s largely cultural in that some types of people want large, loud and boisterous family times. The people who define family as success are often happy even if they don’t have as much money as they thought they needed, and things don’t mean much to them either.

* Relationships – Some people count success by how deep and close their relationships are. Often these types of people have fewer friends because it takes them a lot of time to devote to those friendships due to the importance they place on them.

* Friends – Some people love having a large number of friends and connections, and to them that means success. They feel good having a large circle of influence and love being one of the top influencers of them all.

* Vacations – Some people love to spend their time and money on experiences, and this makes them feel successful. They like to travel to exotic places, and do interesting things and eat new foods. If this is how you define success, you’re likely very adventurous and a risk taker.









* Ability to Give – Yet others define success by their ability to give of themselves to others. Even if they don’t have a lot of money, they like taking time away from earning money to volunteer for causes they hold dear. If they need to earn money they value being able to give some of it away, and this makes them feel successful.

* Hope – Many people quantify success simply as the ability to hope and plan for a better future. Starting a new business is exciting and exemplifies hope for them. Yet others prefer the stability of a normal job as a way to keep hope alive. There is no right or wrong answer.

So, defining and the ability to quantify success can be very personal. You may feel successful even if you make do not make much money. Conversely, you may only feel successful when someone shows you the money. We are all wired differently and really there is no right or wrong way to quantify success. It boils down to what’s right for you.

I’m guessing though that you are striving for financial success in your home business and you are doing it to earn money, not just because it makes you feel good.

Building a Home Business should therefore be both rewarding … lucrative… and fun. You can find out how by checking out any of the links below.





Trevor Tillotson



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Give Yourself to Your Team and They Will Give It Back

Let’s get heavy and deep for a moment. It is fair to say that your life is a reflection of your actions. What you put out into the world, you get back in return. If you are negative, you’ll get negativity. If you are positive, you’ll get back positivity. People really do reflect back to you the way you are most of the time. If you are a Team builder the same thing can be said for your people. What you want from them you will generally get if you can give. Give yourself to your team and they will give it back in droves, give them respect if you want respect, give them time if you want time, and so forth. It really works.

* Always Pass the Credit – When you have success, it’s easy to want to take all the credit. But the truth is, you should pass that credit on to your team. This is true in online businesses which are often reliant upon the effort of the team to make each successive Team Member successful. Pass on the credit for successes in your business to the Team Members. The more you do that, the more they’ll want to give of themselves because they feel as if the successes are shared. Success feels good; so does getting credit for it.









* Always Take the Blame – Sometimes things do go wrong. But, a real leader will take the responsibility of blame. After all, it was probably your vision that wasn’t explained enough and that may have allowed the failure to occur. But, you can learn from it. Let your team know that you take responsibility for the blame, why that is so, and how you’ll fix the problem for the future.

* Recognise & Know Real Talent When You See It – When you bring on team members, bring on people who have a talent for something special and then let them go. Don’t tie them up by having them do something not in their wheel house. Use your team members for what they love to do and are good at doing.

* Be the Reflection You Want to See – When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a giving, kind, smart, hard-working person? Most of the time, your team will follow you and your example. Be the example you want to see, whether that’s how you talk to people, how you dress, or how you do your work.

* Know Who You Are – A real leader knows who they are deep down and doesn’t try to hide it. They are authentically themselves and want others to be authentically themselves too. Be the type of person who isn’t afraid to admit what they’re not good at, or afraid to state what they are good at.

* Know Your Team – Take the time to get to know each member of your team so that you know when there is a problem. Being able to build a relationship with each team member is essential to being able to work together.







* Listen to and Act on Feedback – Allow and encourage your team to give you constructive feedback. You want them to feel free to tell you things you may not even want to hear; as long as it’s meant for good intention and offered constructively, that’s all that matters. To show that you’re listening, you should also act on the feedback – either by stating you heard them and will consider it, or by doing something.

* Provide Constructive Feedback – In return, you should provide constructive feedback to your team. If you have critiques that you keep to yourself, your team member cannot ever get better at what they do. They want to please you, but you must give them the opportunity to grow and learn via your feedback.

The fact is, if you focus on your team, they will focus on you. If you give a lot of yourself, your team will emulate you and do the same with others. Just by setting that sort of example, you can build an amazing team of creative, thoughtful and successful individuals that aren’t held back and are able to achieve far more than they could alone.

The business opportunities of the Retirement & Home Business Academy (RHBA) all foster this same team building philosophy. Every Team Members of the RHBA and its constituent programs such as Home Business Labs & Business Labs Pro, Karatbars & Protection Through Gold and SaleHoo, in some way benefit from the efforts of their fellow team members. When one team member succeeds, his or her success is shared amongst every other member in the team.

How’s your team building effort doing?

Kind regards





Trevor Tillotson


Do You … Need for a Want?

This might sound familiar to many of my team members…

When you first start a home business venture it’s very easy to get carried away. You get excited and suddenly find yourself sleeping only four hours a night, eating fatty fast food, and avoiding moving from your desk chair for 18 hours a day. It is easy to fall into that trap! Sure, you might eventually get the monetary success you seek, but you may die trying. That’s just not worth it.

  • What Is a Need versus a Want?

When you start your business you need to be clear about what are needs versus what are wants. Needs are things that are required, and wants are things that aren’t necessary. For example, when it comes to business you need a basic website. It would be great to have a fancy $10,000 website, but in all probability you may only be able to afford a $500 website.

That’s okay – the less fancy website has been shown to work just as well as the more expensive one. And, let’s face it, you can always build the fancy one later if you really want it, once you are earning the type of money you plan to earn. But, don’t allow something like a website cause you to get stuck and not move forward with your business.

  • Good Health Is a Need

When you started your business you likely started with good health, but if you push yourself too far you may find yourself building wealth in exchange for losing your health. Wealth for Health … this just is not worth it. Instead, build your business slower, working smarter and steadily in structured hours each day moving toward your goal.

  • Being with Your Family Is a Need

family bike ride

Your children will grow up really fast, and your partner may or may not be around forever. Things happen. Strokes happen. Accidents happen. No matter how hard you push yourself in business, giving up your family time for business is not going to ultimately give you what you most need or want from life. Instead, timetable/structure important time to be with your family because it’s far more important.

  • Food and Water Is a Need

You already know that you have to eat of course, but did you realize you really do have a choice of what you need to eat? All you really need to eat is whole foods. You can actually live really well on beans, rice and veggies. No joke. You can even get by on drinking water and not milk. That means that your food need is relatively inexpensive. So, until you build your home business you can budget healthy food needs economically.

  • Basic Shelter Is a Need


Most people will already be established in a home. Yes, you need shelter but do you really need 3000 square feet? Think about how families lived in the 1950s. The average house was half the size it is today. Children rarely had their own rooms and most houses had only one bathroom. Where necessary you may need to scale down your shelter to the minimum as long as it’s warm and safe. That’s a need; a large home is a want you may one day be able to afford.

  • Customers Always Have Wants and Needs Too

A great way to please your customers is to be able to distinguish between their needs and wants too. If you can provide them with their needs you’ll be successful, because deep down all anyone really wants is what they truly need. Everything else is just icing on the cake. A good example of this would be the need for a home business builder to have access to a legitimate and effective marketing system such as that provided by Protection Through Gold (PTG) and Business Labs Pro. As one of my team members you will be familiar with both.

If you have signed up to my team but have yet to sort out your needs from your wants maybe you need to ask yourself …

What are my needs and wants?

How can I balance between my business & my lifestyle whilst still meeting my needs and filling a few of my wants?

Take a look at the Retirement & Home Business Academy … the answer lies within!

Best wishes





Trevor Tillotson

Boost Your Website with Internet Site Search Data

Boost Your Website with Internet Site Search Data

A site search box is a feature on most websites; if you don’t have one, it’s time to install one. It not only enables your visitors to search for information on your website, it also gives insight into visitor behavior and hones in on what they’re really looking for.

  1. Ensure Site Search and Google Analytics Are Installed

Without these two features you cannot access site search data, so ensure that you have a search box installed as well as have Google Analytics installed properly. The best location for your site search box is in the upper right-hand corner, because that’s where your visitors are used to it being located.

2. Review Site Search Terms Visitors Used

Seeing what your site visitors are looking for is truly an amazing feature. You can see how your visitor searches for something, the terms they use, the format they may search for, and more. If visitors are searching for things you offer, you can make sure you’re using the right keywords so they can find it. If they search for things you don’t offer but they are within your niche, you can create them. Site search gives you huge insight into what your visitors want and need.

3. Review Where Visitors Performed the Site Search

It’s important to know what page the visitor used the search function on. That small piece of information will tell you a lot about the visitor and what they expected when they got to the page. You have to learnhow to look at it from their perspective and re-examine the search terms that brought them to that page, as well as whether or not you need to update that page so as to keep visitors returning.















4. Review Where the Search Terms Took Them

A very ueful and valuable exercise is to take the search terms your visitors used, and conduct their search yourself on your site. Where does the search send your visitor? Are you able to find something that they may have wanted that may have answered their question? If not, can you find out a way to fix it so that every single search term they looked for leads to something relevant?

5. Can You Create New Products Based on Search Terms?

When you list the search terms that your audience looked for on your site, take some time to brainstorm whether or not you can create products or services that fit in with those terms.

6. Do the Search Terms Fit with Your Niche?

Perhaps you need to take stock and redo your lead magnet if the search terms used are irrelevant to your niche or strange in some way. Take a look again at what led your visitors to the site, and see if you can determine what they hoped to see. You may need to readjust your site and keywords to better fit your audience.

7. Do You Have Products And Services That Fit Those Search Terms?

Can you identify products and or services that fit the search terms that your visitor searched for? If so, did they find them? If not, why not? You would benefit from knowing how you can make it easier for your visitors to find what they came to your website to find?

As you can see, it is not difficult to see how using internet site search can really boost your website’s potential in amazing and productive ways – provided you use the information gathered correctly.





Trevor Tillotson

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You Need … These Things

You Need … These Things … Big Numbers Do Not Equal Big Profits

Contrary to popular belief there are countless “internet” famous people who aren’t making a dime from their fame. On the other hand, there are a huge number of lesser known individuals who have managed to take their smaller following and develop an income-producing business out of it.

Why is that?…

…It has to do with the fact that fame is not a sure way to financial success, but planning and strategy is.

* You Need A Fair number of Subscribere – but you do not need a ton of subscribers. It’s a fact that “the money’s in the list”, but you don’t need a super large list for this to be true. You just need the right people on your list that you make the right offers to at the right time.

* You Need Targeted Subscribers – Anyone who subscribes to your list should do so because they really want the information you’re going to provide them. They should also be in your target market and be part of your ideal audience profile.








* You Need the Right Lead Magnet – This is where you must be very careful not to offer a freebie that is so broad that you get people on your list who do not want to ever buy anything but only want the free item. Create a lead magnet that is so targeted that only your audience would even want it.

* You Need to Build Relationships with Subscribers – When you build a relationship with someone, you are thinking of their needs. You find ways to connect with them, to make them smile, and to make them feel as if they know you, like you, and trust you.

* You Need to Segment Your Audience – It’s important to segment your audience so that you can send them the right information. For example, you may want to send certain information to people who downloaded lead magnet A. That’s different from people who may have downloaded lead magnet B, and very different from the segment who bought product 1, and so on.

* You Need to Send the Right Information to Your Audience – Once you have people on your list, or following you on social media, you must send the right information to them on a regular basis. Try not to get off track, and always think of exactly who your ideal customer is when you send the information.


* You Need to Ask for the Sale – When you send information to your audience, remember that some of it should be informational and some should be promotional. Try not to make every message promotional, or else they’ll just start ignoring you. You must promote, but do so strategically.

* You Need to Follow Up – When someone does answer your calls to action, it’s imperative to remember that the follow-up is important. You want a small list of targeted consumers that want what you offer, and you want them to not only buy again but also to recommend you to others. You can do that by continuing to build on the relationship even after the sale.

So, the best advice on offer is…

…stop trying to be internet famous and “go viral.” Instead, continue to push out important and relevant information on a regular basis, while building relationships with your followers and subscribers. But, be prepared just in case something you do does happen to go viral, so that it will actually pay off…

…after all it’s all in the planning and strategy!!!

All the best





Trevor Tillotson

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