Quick Affiliate Marketing Research Tips

Before you represent any product or service it’s important to do some research. You want to make sure that the products you promote are wanted by your niche, are high quality, and are made by responsible business owners that stand by their promises. In order to do that, you have to conduct research to cover all your bases. But, it’s not that difficult to do research today. Starting here will ensure you make good choices.


* Look at Your Competition – One of the best tips for looking at a new niche is to look at the competition. The truly fastest way to ensure that you have a good idea is to find competition. In fact, if you cannot find your competition, then you may not have a money-making idea. Knowing that someone is out there earning money in that niche means it’s a good choice to enter into. Competition is a good thing, not a deterrent. You can literally let your competition show you the way if you pay attention.

* Go to the Library – There are some amazing ideas at the library. Find the most checked-out non-fiction books and you may have a new niche right there under your fingertips. If people are very interested in a topic at the library, then it’s likely they’d be interested in the same information online in digital form.

* Check Out the Bookstore – The same thing can be said for the bookstore. Go to the bookstore and look at the best-selling non-fiction books available. What niches are they in? What audience do they serve? Can you find a way to offer something within that market that will make people take notice?

* Use Google Trends – One of the best ways to find out what’s trending is to check Google Trends. You can see what’s trending in various parts of the world, what’s trending overall, and so much more. Just type your term into the top search bar and find out what comes up.

Link to Google Trends: https://www.google.com/trends/

* Research the Product – When you want to sell any product to anyone, you need to research it. You can find others who are selling the same product; you can find complaints, compliments and more about the product that will help you choose to market it or not to market it, as well as how to market it. If you want to learn the business of Affiliate Marketing and use a systematic approach to building a home business in this neche… take a look at….

* Research the People – Your audience, your competition, the product creators… it’s best to research them all. You can use Google Search, Trends, Alerts and more to find out the information you want about the people. Knowing all that you can know about these people will make it so much easier for you to market the products or services.

* Research Keywords with Google – If you have an AdWords account you can use it to research various keywords that you might use to promote the products you choose. Remember to also check out keywords for the problem that you’re solving, not just product keywords.

* Use the Products You Promote – One of the very best ways to research anything is by using it first-hand. While every product that someone makes might not be for you, it’s important to try them out for your audience. They trust you to promote only the best. Make one mistake and you will not be able to regain their trust. Consider it a cost of doing business.

Conducting research for anything you do when you start a business is important. You want to know in advance that you have potential to make a living so that you don’t waste your time. By using an Affiliate Marketing System such as Affilorama you can actually know in advance if a product is a good one, if it will sell to your niche, and that you’ll be proud promoting it.





Trevor Tillotson

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Is PPC a Good Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

The hands-down best method for affiliate marketing is to build your own website and a community, provide amazing and consistent content and then recommend goods and services to your audience. But, sometimes you just don’t want to do it that way and so you may consider PPC.

Pay-per-click marketing means that you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement for the product, whether they buy or not. You only get paid when you sell the product, so this can be costly, but there are ways to make it work. Here are some things to consider.

* Pay Per Click Means Lots of Testing – As in most areas of marketing, it’s all about the testing. You’ll have to try things in order to find out what works for a particular product or service. Run more than one PPC campaign using slightly different advertisements to find out what works best.

* Pay Per Click Works Best with Higher Priced Items – You don’t really want to try PPC with items you’ll only make a few bucks off. Use it for the items where you will earn hundreds in commission, because it will cost more to get the right buyers to click through.

* Understand Keywords before You Start – It’s imperative that you not only understand the keywords your audience favors but also that you understand the advertising rules and protocols of the product you’re promoting. Some require affiliates not to use certain keywords due to a possible conflict with their own “in-house” ad runs.

* Know Your Audience – Does your audience typically click on ads? If not, what’s the point in trying a PPC campaign? If your audience will click through, what do you need to put in the ad to make them curious enough to do it?

* Use Yahoo! and Bing – The clicks are cheaper than the larger sites though the audience is smaller, and of course your audience is likely there. It’s a good place to start & to learn to master PPC before you move over to AdWords and Google.


* Try Facebook – You can run PPC campaigns on Facebook too. The click costs aren’t that high and can work well if you’re marketing an expensive product that makes the cost worth it. Plus, if you can’t find your audience on Facebook you probably don’t have an audience. Player beware with Facebook Advertising – make sure you stick to their strict rules or you could be banned from advertising by the FB Police!

And here is the most important PPC campaign success tip of all:

* Use PPC to Build Your List – Instead of using the PPC campaign to sell an item directly, use it to build up your email list. Give them something free to download, that solves at least one problem and gets them on your list. Then start promoting the expensive product you wanted to sell them. Building your list over selling directly is a tried-and-true way that affiliate marketers have used PPC for, for over a decade now.

To sum up, with any PPC strategy remember to

  • only use it for high priced products, or
  • build your email list in which to market your products and/or services. Then use a system like GVO Host Then Profits to build your website and send messages to your list.

PPC can work very well even today if you are willing to

  • practice,
  • learn about keywords, and
  • develop a little advertising budget.

Happy “Clicking”





Trevor Tillotson

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Broad or Narrow Niche: Which Is Best for Affiliate Marketing Products?

Hi Everyone

New to Affiliate Marketing?

Understanding your Niche is key to ensuring your online business building success.

The basic affiliate formula is to find out what people need, locate it, test it out, and then recommend it to them. When you think of that, you realize immediately that a narrow niche over a broad niche is going to be better. It’s going to be better for a variety of reasons which are listed below.

* You Need to Get to Know Your Audience – If you have too broad of an audience, it will be very difficult to get to know your audience and develop a tribe of people who follow you. Some people may be scared of niching it down too much, but the truth is, the more you can niche (or narrow) it down the more success you’ll experience.

* It’s Easier to Sell Someone Something They Already Want and Need – When you truly know your audience (which is simpler to do when you know who they are and where they hang out), you can offer the exact items they need exactly when they need it. It’s like reading minds, and your audience will appreciate it and buy more.



* Targeting a Narrow Audience Is Simpler – When you have a narrow audience to target, you’ll find it easier to locate products and services for them. Plus, you’ll find communicating with them a lot easier. In fact, you’ll be able to build a community of this narrow audience that is begging for what you are offering.


Affilorama is a “done for you” Affiliate Marketing System and Education Platform which can assist you to narrow down your Niche Audience and build a successful home/online business. Click Here… or… On the image above to learn more.

* Be As Descriptive As Possible – It’s easier to create descriptions that speak to your audience if you know exactly who they are. And it’s hard to know who they are if you’re branching out too far and just trying to promote anything to anyone.

* Promote Only Products and Services You’ve Tried – This is a hard one for some affiliates to wrap their brain around, but it’s really important. If you’ve not at least tried one product from the creator, how can you possibly recommend it to anyone? Testing products, and knowing the audience they are meant for, will help you determine if it’s even something you want to promote.

* Be Where Your Customers Hang Out – If you know exactly who your audience is, you’ll know where they hang out. You’ll be able to locate Facebook groups, forums and more that are places you can promote your offerings.

* User Experience Is Most Important – When you focus on the user rather than your bank account, you will find that all of your marketing is so much better. Not only will you choose higher quality merchandise or services to promote, you’ll also be able to create higher quality information to go with it.


* Email Marketing Is Imperative – One of the most important things about affiliate marketing is email marketing. If you want to move people from social media or your website to your email list, you need to be able to attract your specific audience and then please them with the content you deliver on a regular basis. You can’t do that very well if your audience is too broad.

GVO provide an autoresponder/email marketing system at an amazingly low cost to anyone starting a home business. Clicking here … or the image above will tell you more.

In any of my online business ventures, I have learned that having a narrow (0r drilled/narrowed down) niche is always better for quality and value for money product creation, marketing and sales. You can’t beat knowing who you’re dealing with and what they want and need for helping you choose the right products to promote to them.

All the Best





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Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

Hi Team

As promised earlier this week, here’e the first instalment touching on the different “online marketing/home business strategies.

Firstly I thought  we should take a look at…

…Affiliate Marketing (building a business to sell someone else’s product or system)

affiliatemarketing6As an Affiliate Marketer you really can improve your affiliate marketing business by using social media. Some people say you don’t even need your own website to become an affiliate marketer and in many ways, with the advent of social media this is true. Try using social media marketing in these ways to improve and boost your affiliate marketing business.

* Promote Quality Products and Services – It’s imperative that you keep the trust of the people you promote to. The only way to ensure that a product is amazing is to try it. At the very least try at least one product from each creator before you promote all their stuff. You want them to have top-notch customer care and a great product. After all, you’re telling your audience and your people to go buy it from that person.

* Create a Redirect – When you have an affiliate link it’s usually very ugly, and if the owner of the product changes their mind about the network they want to use you’ll have a hard time finding all the times you used the link. But, if you create a redirect you only have to change that link in one place if it should change. Find instructions on how to create a redirect on this site: https://yoast.com/cloak-affiliate-links/


* Provide Quality Content – Don’t just post content for the sake of publishing. Instead, focus on quality content that has the interest of your audience. You don’t have to make everything be about the product you’re promoting, but it should all be related. It’s tempting to post videos of cats but unless you’re selling pet-oriented stuff, don’t do it. Keep it the most relevant that you can.

* Grow Your Email List – On every social media page there should be a way to get people to sign up for your email lists. If you get people on your email list from social media, then you can market your affiliate products directly to them, knowing they’ve already been interested.

* Set Up Your Own Facebook Page – With more than a billion people using Facebook worldwide, it offers a lot of potential for affiliate marketing. The best place is to start your own Facebook page for the offer you’re trying to promote. You can then post pictures of the product, testimonials, and more right through the page.

* Be Relevant on Twitter – Twitter is a great place to promote affiliate products but the stream moves so fast, and everything is so quick that you have to be extra creative to make it work. Personalize your messages, and recommend only products you know for sure are amazing and that are relevant for your audience. Use a link shortening service but ensure that they allow affiliate links.

* Pinterest Encourages Commerce – Unlike a lot of social media sites, Pinterest likes it when people conduct business on their site, so they make it relatively simple to do it with Pinterest gift pages. Just include your affiliate link within any image you share. Create a separate board for your affiliate products using your website URL, and then use the item URL for each of the pins you add to the board.

If you know that the products you’ve chosen to promote are valuable for your audience, there is no shame in promoting them the same way people promote their own products. Just follow the rules for each social media network as well as the product affiliate rules as you move forward.






Trevor Tillotson

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Learn About … Home Based Business Opportunities


Watch For Scams

You have to watch out for scams when you are looking for home based business opportunities.

Shady individuals will try hard to promise you ways of getting rich online, but if they are so rich then

why are they still trying to sell you something to make money?

Many people discover that the secret to making a good living online is not to think you can get rich

by working an hour or so a day.


The reality secret to making money online is … by working hard and not trying to cut corners.

There are many scam websites out there that look good because they are professionally made.

The scam artists of the internet know that people will pay money for services if they really

believe that they can make a profit from learning about them.

Some websites instantly want your personal information, like your email address.

If you find an offer which suits your business model and appears genuine and you feel you can

really trust the website give it out, but be prepared for a bunch of follow-up emails to start popping

up in your inbox. Any email you receive from a legitimate sender should give you the option

to stop receiving them should you so wish.


Safeguard Your Privacy

Social media Marketing

Be careful who you give your personal information to, including your private email address.

The most important thing to guard over the internet, of course, is your bank account information.

If you give this out to the wrong person, then you could be causing yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

Do not get scammed. Make sure you are aware of the frequency of any payments you agree to before you sign up.

Sometimes agreeing to making, what you thought was a one-off payment can turn into a monthly fee

being taken out of your bank account without your permission, if you do not understand the payment schedule.

Some unscrupulous people will promise easy … get rich quick … ways to make you a profit,

but once they have your information that is all that they will care about.

Do not let the thought of making easy money cause you to make a serious mistake.

Watch out for your Paypal information too.

Choose Your Online Business Opportunities Well


If you want to work from home, then do your research first. You can make money from home,

but you want to choose a trusted, referred and reputable company offer.

If you have been looking at the various Online Business Opportunities out there on the internet,

you may well have come across the ones I am personally associated with which are featured below.

If you want to be part of a reputable team, check out any of my offers below on this page and I’m sure … you’ll find your niche.


Here’s The Most Legitimate Online Business Opportunity Available … In My Opinion !!!

Taking into account everything I have discussed with you above …

what would you say if I offered you and your family a chance to secure your financial future

for generations to come by saving your own paper money in the form of …

currency grade gold bullion in a savings system which actually pays you for saving your own money.


Karatbars International is a legitimate currency grade goldbullion investment company which

produces gold bullion in very small 1gram ingots which makes saving gold (instead of rapidly devaluing paper money)

affordable for the average Joe … i.e. You & Me.

With a little hard work anyone can secure their financial future in this way and if you have just 2 other friends, acquaintances, or family members

who want to do the same as you and invest in gold as an affiliate of yours, you can earn a very generous commission

(enough to retire on … no B.S)


This is not a selling opportunity for me but an option for you to look at to see if it fits your online business model.

If you are already doing well financially this is also a golden opportunity to secure your future wealth in a commodity

which increases, rather than decreases in value.

Clicking here, or on the image below will take you to a free video which will begin to educate you about …

why we should all be worried about the failing world economy under the failing US$ … read on >>>

PTG LCP Honest Living2014-09-10_2145











Heres to your online success







Trevor Tillotson


How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset … Your Financial Stability!!!

In my last post I made the following statement …
“… we are not in the business of selling YOU, or ANYONE …
a thing … we are about educating and facilitating YOU …
in your quest for financial stability.”
This is the case … entirely … but I hear you ask … “surely an online marketer like you are always selling … something”?
Well the answer is no … not necessarily.
Many people following my blog are either already involved with working from home and are already… developing their on-line business.
Others may be new to Online Marketing and looking for information and advice to guide them through … “the minefield” of online marketing.
Commonly I have talked about Affiliate marketing as an excellent genre to market in and earn a good online income.
Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative once you have found your niche and all of the marketing systems are in place.
The key components of an affiliate marketing business opportunity is the need to  … sell the product or service … and whilst Affiliate Marketing can be very lucrative … as many reading this will attest … there are no easy get rich schemes
which will make you an overnight millionaire as many trying to lure you in would have you believe.
For the majority of us … whatever niche you are in … it takes a lot of hard work … the odd failure … and the odd bit of good luck … before you taste success.

Need A Change Of Focus … Like Me?

My current focus is on safeguarding mine & my family’s financial security as the world heads for an even bigger recession than the one we are currently experiencing.
I have been discussing Banks, currency & money of late … because the signs and signals from some of the worlds most trusted economists point toward a catastrophic collapse of the world’s monetary system and rejection of the US$ as the
world’s major currency.
Ohhhhhhh yes … its not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when … this is the reality & not fearmongering.
The problem with earning an amazing income from online marketing is … my amazing income is paid to me in paper dollars … which in reality are completely worthless.
“Rediculous” I hear some of the  … less enlightened say … but is it?
The dollars which were deposited into my bank account last month … are worth less now than they were a month ago … and I get a miserable rate of interest of between 3-4.2% which barely keeps pace with inflation and the bank fees
along with gradual devaluation knocks it back even further.

How Can You Beat Currency Devaluation?

Well, that’s a very good question … yet easy to answer.
Some of the world’s larger economies like China & Russia have recognised the decline in the value of the US dollar and are now stock piling GOLD.
According to the world’s most trusted economists, Gold is the true measure of monetary value and they suggest … just like China & Russia … everyone with savings should also be investing in gold instead of the (worthless) paper money
currency of their country.
Up until now, you used to have to buy Gold in large, expensive, quantities.and saving in GOLD was only something the wealthy could consider.
Now anyone can invest in amounts of 999.9% Gold Bullion as amall as 1 gram … costing around $60.
This method of exchanging my cash for future proofed gold is the only way I have to secure my hard earned income for when the real depression starts.
You can find out how amazingly simple this is and also … how you can earn some real interest (for a change) in the form of a commission … to satisfy your marketing needs and make your business even more profitable.
Yes… you actually get paid to save your own cash in the form of Gold each week … and … if you so choose … buy putting into action your marketing skills by sponsoring two other individuals who understand the benefits of future proofing
their hard gotten earnings in the same way.
That said … I’m going to zip it for now and pass you over to the experts.
First up just have a look & listen to Mike Maloney as he talks about thhe final phase of economic collapse and how to “soften the blow” … of its consequences.
Mike Maloney - FIAT Death
Lourens Haasbroek, one of our team leaders talks a bit more about the decline in the value of paper (FIAT) currency … highlighted by Governments issuing ridiculous & worthless bank note denominations such as … the German $50,000,000
Fifty Million Deutch Mark …

Lourens 50 mill

and more recently … the Zimbabwean $10,000,000 Ten Million Dollar bill …

Zimbabwe 10 mill

which incidentally … would not even buy you a cup of coffee!!!


You can watch the video … here

check it out button

By now it should be coming more clear what KaratBars International has to offer the average individual … like you … & me with regard to securing and protecting … yours and your families financial future …

But of course …
... only If that is important to you!!! ...
I would love to chat with you about our KaratBars Protection Through Gold Team on Skype: trevor.tillotson …Why not drop me a line for a chat 🙂
To your financial security
Trevor Tillotson