Broad or Narrow Niche: Which Is Best for Affiliate Marketing Products?

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Understanding your Niche is key to ensuring your online business building success.

The basic affiliate formula is to find out what people need, locate it, test it out, and then recommend it to them. When you think of that, you realize immediately that a narrow niche over a broad niche is going to be better. It’s going to be better for a variety of reasons which are listed below.

* You Need to Get to Know Your Audience – If you have too broad of an audience, it will be very difficult to get to know your audience and develop a tribe of people who follow you. Some people may be scared of niching it down too much, but the truth is, the more you can niche (or narrow) it down the more success you’ll experience.

* It’s Easier to Sell Someone Something They Already Want and Need – When you truly know your audience (which is simpler to do when you know who they are and where they hang out), you can offer the exact items they need exactly when they need it. It’s like reading minds, and your audience will appreciate it and buy more.



* Targeting a Narrow Audience Is Simpler – When you have a narrow audience to target, you’ll find it easier to locate products and services for them. Plus, you’ll find communicating with them a lot easier. In fact, you’ll be able to build a community of this narrow audience that is begging for what you are offering.


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* Be As Descriptive As Possible – It’s easier to create descriptions that speak to your audience if you know exactly who they are. And it’s hard to know who they are if you’re branching out too far and just trying to promote anything to anyone.

* Promote Only Products and Services You’ve Tried – This is a hard one for some affiliates to wrap their brain around, but it’s really important. If you’ve not at least tried one product from the creator, how can you possibly recommend it to anyone? Testing products, and knowing the audience they are meant for, will help you determine if it’s even something you want to promote.

* Be Where Your Customers Hang Out – If you know exactly who your audience is, you’ll know where they hang out. You’ll be able to locate Facebook groups, forums and more that are places you can promote your offerings.

* User Experience Is Most Important – When you focus on the user rather than your bank account, you will find that all of your marketing is so much better. Not only will you choose higher quality merchandise or services to promote, you’ll also be able to create higher quality information to go with it.


* Email Marketing Is Imperative – One of the most important things about affiliate marketing is email marketing. If you want to move people from social media or your website to your email list, you need to be able to attract your specific audience and then please them with the content you deliver on a regular basis. You can’t do that very well if your audience is too broad.

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In any of my online business ventures, I have learned that having a narrow (0r drilled/narrowed down) niche is always better for quality and value for money product creation, marketing and sales. You can’t beat knowing who you’re dealing with and what they want and need for helping you choose the right products to promote to them.

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Here’s something a little different yet pertinent to my home based business.

In this clever video Liz Plank exposes yet another exploitation of women over men by asking the question … should women’s products cost more than mens – pink tax?. In the USA at least, there appears to be a secret tax screwing women out of thousands of dollars a year.

So … should women’s products cost more than mens – pink tax? .. especially if the products are very similar in size or volume and of a similar product/brand?.

The obvious answer is no, yet this little experiment shows that this is in fact the case.

Well in answer to the question … should women’s products cost more than mens – pink tax?what can you do about it?

Liz’s answer is to boycott the manufacturers by using men’s products and pay the same amount that way. OK if you don’t mind the masculine scents that go with them I suppose.

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