You May Not Be Interested… In This?

Yes I totally get it… I really do.

Not everyone who has clicked on a call to action button on one of my blogs or one of my business offers is interested in building a home business.

Some people are simply,,, tyre kickers… and that’s…

…OK by me.

It is important to…

…”look before you leap”…

…into anything that you know very little about and online business development is something which is not suited to everyone.

You have to have a “WHY” which is big enough to create a “NEED”…

… and a “NEED” big enough to satisfy your “WHY”.

If all of this sounds like crazy ranting to you then you should just click out of this blog and not bother opening the next set of blog posts which will be coming your way from me over the next few weeks.

If… on the other hand… your “WHY” and your “NEED” are solidly imprinted in your mind you will completely understand the relationship between the two regarding  why most people turn to the internet to build their own home/online business.

Knowing your “Why” is the easy part. Satisfying your “NEED” is the most difficult part.

Satisfying your “NEED” requires a vision of what your home/online business will be and how it can be realised so as to be both sustainable and successful working with legitimate professional people who have developed proven business development systems which they use themselves and provide to their “Team” members in order for them to realise similar online business success.

If you are still reading this then you are of the latter group so…

…take a look at the series of online business articles as they appear in your In Box over the next few weeks. I hope there will be something of interest for everyone…

…even those who have not yet fully committed to becoming a Team Member in one of my online business opportunities…


…”look before you leap”

Kind regards





Trevor Tillotson

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Why do you have a home business? – A Question OftenAsked


Why do you (I that is) have a home business … I’m often asked that question when I am talking to someone about what I do online with my home business.
It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are an online/home business builder/entrepreneur you have, what in the business is called, a “Why” or “Story”.
My own “Why” relates to my stage in life and not to anything tragic which has occurred in it. By comparison to some home business builder’s “why’s” mine by comparison is to do with keeping my mind active whilst maintaining an income working from home during my impending retirement.
It’s an ideal way to keep the brain active but wind down, work at my own pace, still be my own B.O.S.S. and earn a tidy income to boot!!! If anyone looking at this is in a similar situation situation it’s an ideal business opportunity to consider, instead of suddenly stopping work altogether.

The reason you might have a home business could be dramatically different to mine.

I’m not one for dwelling on disaster, pessimism or negativity but each of these forces do, unfortunately, exist and play a part in many peoples lives, maybe yours?
If this is you then you’re not on your own, once you’ve picked yourself up and you are “thinking straight” again you will understand that you needn’t be on your own.

If your why is this, and you have started your own home/online business … you’ve conquered the problem and found the solution along with hundreds/thousands just like you.
Single Moms/Dads with young children, singles who have lost a partner, people who have been made redundant, suffered illness taking them out of the workforce. People who have lost property and/or life savings in shonkey superannuation/finance schemes … I could go on … there’s no shortage of stories of tragedy and amazingly inspirational strength and self discovery of individuals in any home business team, mine included.

It’s these people that make building a home business, as part of a team, which is most rewarding for me. The pleasure of seeing someone’s business prosper and the life changing effect a successful home business brings to them and their families makes my neck hair stand on end.
You can find out how my home business works by following the link in this article:

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Trevor Tillotson


Why Would I Start A Home Business – Getting Out Of The Rat Race

TT Home Biz

Why Would I Start A Home Business?

The reasons why someone might start a home business are extremely wide & varied … how long is a piece of string?

Whatever the reason the one sure thing is that starting a home business is the solution for financial freedom and security for a lot of people.

Here I discusses some of the many reasons in this short video. In my own case I started my home business in preparation for my full retirement. It’s an excellent way to keep the mind active and earn some residual retirement income from home. At retirement age, I will still have a young family and earning a passive income from a home business is just one way of extending my earning capacity once full retirement becomes a reality. In this way starting a home business in preparation for that moment is bringing financial rewards which can guarantee an on going income and secure a financially free lifestyle for my family

Getting Out Of The Rat Race:

I elude to “getting out of the rat race” here in this video. The Rat Race meaning the treadmill and drudgery of working as an employee … if for some reason you are unhappy with your work or if your work/employment future prospects looks bleak … lets face it, in this day and age a guarantee of full employment can be less than certain.

Why would you start a home business under these circumstances … again the reasons why you should consider it are immense. One of the main ones is .. being your own boss, in full control of your business, working from home allowing you to spend more quality time with your family … as well as building on your future financial stability.

If you are interested in how I am successfully building my own financial security in preparation for my full retirement you can find out more by following this link:

All Best wishes

Trevor Tillotson